Tuesday 12 August 2008

A fire in every port

Rod Bin Davis, aka Rod Davis, writes about the latest battle from the sleeply shire of Port and Mossman. He says its game on over de-amalagamation, with the local Gazette headline this week stating 'Merger Fails'...

Shalom, Noel Bin CEO, uncle-in law appoint to our councils recent forced marriage: Briggsie, regrettably it’s already time we called in the marriage guidance councillors, before
Bin(ned)Douglas takes out an AVO against your occupying forces.

You sacked our loyal servants. You buggered up our water wells. We brought assets to the marriage, you brought debt.

You sacked our contractors, and accommodate your replacements in our hotels, like Chinese in Tibet. You won’t answer questions, like, be fair dinkum: did you put unfiltered water in our taps or not? You then tell us to save water anyway, by storing it in the ocean. You blow, but you won’t suck...in Macrossan street’s street sweeper Cairns Regional Council heist.

Our family are political jumping beans... your mob are political has-beens, so anaesthetised, your councillors can get elected without even one competitor bothering to show up. We’re green, you’re green wash. If this is a happy marriage, then show me the money, as this ain’t about love, we were sold the money baby, and so far, we pay more, and get less.

And finally, Dear Mother in Law, Gracious Queen Val, remember, t’was Douglas that made yee, so at least, please, be so kind as to not stand in the way of the inevitable report that we all need to see, the one that will spell out the truth on the failed marriage’s outcome.

And, Gracious Val, you may have dumped Jason O as your campaign manager, but you don’t need to fuel the left’s 2009 electoral demise in your new found conversion to Andrew Fraser’s, “Boy’s Own Orwellian Adventure”. It was exactly one year ago we were in the streets protesting the looming rape. We aren’t pregnant yet, but we do have a bad itch.

When last week you threatened yet another local business with the chop, you made a huge mistake picking on the Gazette. You won’t win. So let’s just agree: you see us as a pest, we see you as occupying forces.

And just a suggestion Val: don’t quietly divorce Julia, our messenger, divorce us instead, set us free. You can keep your house, it’s our kids independent future we want.

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