Friday 29 August 2008

Patricia Morrish RIP

I snapped this lovely photograph this morning, minutes before legendary Far North Queensland broadcaster, Pat Morrish signed off on ABC at 11 am today.

It shows Pat how we all believe her to be behind the veil of radio: fun, warm and a reasoned and balanced voice for all.

The Sheridan Street ABC studio was packed with notables from around the region, with the Premier and State politicians all telephoning in to wish her well and thank her contribution to local debate over the years.

Kier Shorey, who starts at Sparrow's Fart, prized Pat out of the driver's seat soon after her 9am start, and she took a seat in the interviewer's spot across the desk. "It feels odd to be sitting here," she said.

Pat sat along side her producer Fiona Sewell, will take over the time slot from Monday morning, until and new morning presenter is found early next year.

Hundreds of Pat's Fan Club telephoned in from around over the region, with recollections about the time they had shared with the doyen of our local radio.

I've penned numerous ABC antics. At the time of the Council election there was a gripping interview with an agitated and aggressive Mayor, clinging onto his credibility, in what I called The morning Pat asked Kevin a straight question. Also, let's not forget the morning Pat lost it over Mrs Slocombe's pussy, which was replayed to great mirth this morning.

Pat lives only down the road from me at Yorkeys, so I took in a large Cinnamon and apple loaf from our Yorkeys Knob Bakery, to share around the office. I noticed Kier Shorey's grumbling tummy making a beeline towards the munchies.

There was Moet flowing around the studio, and there was a party in full swing as Pat relived some of her great times of radio, amongst people which she regards as her close friends.

"Well, I'd like to thank you all for the experience," she said as she finally signed off at 10:59:55 this morning.

Pat has been on the airwaves for 26 years. I hope she rests in peace.


Anonymous said...

I for one will miss Patricia Morrish's intelligent and humane voice on weekday mornings. A fine stint, Pat! Well done!

RIP sounds a little drastic, Mike. Surely there's life after ABC?

Anonymous said...

Me too, I found Pat to be a "friend on the airwaves", even though I only met her for the first time the other day. I remember being layed up in bed convelesing after a operation, I so looked forward to her morning show. Hooroo Miss Talkative Taffy, yes you will be missed, but Fiona will do a fine job until your successor arrives. Be safe on those roads. "Kerry from Strattie" , oh, and if you get bored between now and the 20th September PADYC could sure use your help, AND contact book. God Bless. xxxxoooo

Anonymous said...

Relax In Privacy...

Good job, Pat.

A truly class act.

Anonymous said...

Pat is truely one of the last breed of broadcaster that we now have none left.

Take McKenzie or any on the TV jocks.. and as for the "reporters" at the ComPost.. it's a sad line up of morons. They don't question. They can't debate. They are simply after a Fast Food style of telling the news.

Pat is and was one of a kind. The kind that we all used to enjoy in the media.. which these days is all too dominated by commercial interests and returns.. Crap in, crap out.

Pat.. you will be missed. Not only for your talent, but your ability to remain real and human and not driven by some self-invented ego that the whipper-snappers at regional TV and commercial radio thrive on.

Our entire street will be missing you, come Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great story and pic Mike. You know I've never seen Pat in person, but over the last couple of weeks have seen some photos of her in the Sun and the Post... but this one is maghic. really shows her. You shouuld get a job with the Cairns Post.. actually.. no you shouldn't!

Anonymous said...

God, I read the title and my tummy did flip flops. I thought our dear Pat was dead. I am ex Cairns now but I seldom ever missed Pat's programme when I lived there. She was one of the best presenters I have ever heard. Enjoy your new life Pat.


Anonymous said...

yeah I agree with the RIP bit, was very upset for a moment until i read on!
Anyways Pat M was the loveliest announcer whom I listened to often!