Friday 22 May 2009

What do you think, Ocker?

Today's 'street poll' in our beloved Cairns Post, asks six people, what they think of the proposed World Heritage listing for Cape York.

None of the respondents are from from Queensland. None from Cairns. None from Cape York, and they're all white fellas or white fellesses!

This is like asking some folk from Woree if we should protect the rare Alpine Yak in the remote West Swedish Highlands. Or polling 200 people in Zambia if they like the new features on the iPhone; or talking to celebrities about paying taxes; or taking a bunch of hoods from Cronulla to the Black and White Minstrel show; or asking readers of the Cairns Post to discuss the economic consequences of Moodys' downgrading of the Queensland Government and the per capita implications of the State debt, viz a viz the Australian average.

It's just not cricket.


John, Kuranda said...

Well at least we know that tourists feel safe at being out and about at night!

Al said...

And we also know that they think Cape York should be World Heritage Listed.