Monday 18 May 2009

Council to assist with Club planning

Cairns Regional Council is running a Planning for Success free workshop, the second in the series, for sporting clubs tomorrow evening.

Council sports specialists will host the evening session identifying "skills and methods required by sporting clubs to preserve viability and grow."

The sessions are designed to help clubs create a development plan and the steps to follow that plan to a successful outcome.

“Funding is available for clubs, but before a group can apply for financial support it has to establish what achievements are physically possible," chair of the Sport, Arts, Cultural and Community Services committee, Councillor Margaret Cochrane says.

The last of the three sessions, Accessing Funding for Your Club, will be held in June.

Workshops are free to attend and oranges will be served at half time.

More info:
When: 6-8pm Wednesday 20 May
Where: Barlow Park Conference Centre, Scott St
Telephone 40443309 or email


Nicky J said...

Haha oranges at half time! That's fantastic Mike.

Maryanne said...

Council running a "planning for success" sports workshop. Who are they kidding? The provision and improvement of sporting facilities in this city is woeful.