Saturday 30 May 2009

Cairns Post 31, CairnsBlog 71

While I'm on the subject of other media, I did a quick review of Friday's Cairns Post.

In the printed (paper) edition, there were 6 letters to the editor, 5 'Short and Sharp' notes, and 14 SMS 'Txt Posts'. Additionally, there were 6 comments posted online, making a total of 31.

It's fair to say that the Txt messages add hardly any value to the journalistic depth of the paper, but I added them into the total of contributors, nevertheless. Oh, and there was the usual line-up of six "They Say" vox pox, this time asking about the parking meter increase.

In the online edition, the following stories had comments posted by readers:

Thursday's edition had 6 full page advertisements in the local news section, or 30%. Friday's edition had 4 full page, and 4 half page advertisements (which equates to the same) in the local news section.

On Friday the 29th May, there were 71 comments from readers posted on CairnsBlog. None were edited, censored, or moderated.

A reader emailed me last week and drew the connection between mid-life obesity and this Blog, a claim I strongly refute.

"You know Michael, I get up in the morning, open up CairnsBlog with a nice coffee, and start reading the blog and reader comments," Willis wrote. "Before you know it, it's after 11am, and I've missed my morning walk with the dogs. You have a lot to answer for young man!"


CBD Warrior said...


Quantity does not equate to quality. Most of what's here is sniping and bickering, not reasoned debate.

You should know from experience that being inadequately endowed shouldn't matter.

S. Northy said...

Why do little ratty men always go on about their tassels??

Syd Walker said...

I agree with CBD Warrior. It's the sheer quality of debate in the Cairns Post that stands out. And they don't let any old riff raff post comments.

Even so, I wonder if the Chief Censor at the Cairns Post isn't ruefully wondering whether it was wise to nix my second attempt to get a letter posted in the Cairns Post online edition in a week.

It would have pushed the tally up to 32 - and every little helps in today's fiercely competitive market.

This time I didn't take aim directly at News Corp and hoped I might have better luck slipping through the editorial net. But no, an ever vigilant CP censor spotted the subversive nature of my conmtribution and spat it into the Post's electroic waste-bin.

Here it it, the unwanted response to Think tank snubs Schier - now yet another a CairnsBlog exclusive...

"This is a rather clear illustration of the apparent contempt of the local business leadership for democratic opinion.

I presume these people will try, once again, through this meeting, to foist upon us the Kuranda Range 4-Lane Highway idea.

They are bears of little imagination.

Why doesn't the business community co-operate with the environment movement to identify new infrastructure we can all agree about and get on with?

But no, they'd rather keep pushing the same boring old barrows. They seem to think they're born to control and want to keep hold of the agenda. Pathetic really."

Brian, Kewarra said...

Hahaha CBD Warrior is a very sad and angry individual. s/he always is upset about the wold around him.

Here's the ONLY comments that were posted online on Friday from the Compost...

So measure this as "quality" !!!

You acutally have to be capable of thinking and coming up with innovative ideas to be included in a think tank, Val. If women and lefties can't step up to the mark why should they be included.

Posted by: Emma of Cairns 9:43am Friday

Why is she "Mystified" ?She adds nothing to Cairns - she has no forsight and is deadwood.Stick to Morning tras and saving the whales.

Posted by: Wade of Cairns 9:27am Friday

Well, I think we can see the flavour of this think-tank then - more high rise building in the CBD, more hillside development lining the businesses pockets. No wonder they didn't invite Val.

Posted by: Oliver of Redlynch 9:26am Friday

its obvious she was not invited , because it was about the future of cairns and cairns going ahead not the way its being going since she became mayor

Posted by: IAN JULIAN of CAIRNS 8:26am Friday

The right leaning politics of this so called 'think tank' are pretty obvious. Name the people involved and let the people of Cairns decide whether they will or won't continue to patronise these businesses.

Posted by: Mark Johnson of Cairns 7:03am Friday

Just a meeting of the "old boy's club", who haven't yet learned how things really work.

Posted by: JIM McMartin of Bayview 6:18am Friday

Paul Taylor, Maryborough said...

Hey CBW Worrier, I mean Warrier (hehe) since you're so close to gool ol Councillor Blakie the Snakey..

why don't you ask him which car he's driving mnorth to the beaches these days.

Blogster said...

You're right Warrior, Michael should adopt a Cairns Post policy on this blog and start censoring your posts; not much 'reasonable debate' contained in those either you know!