Sunday 31 May 2009

Watch out when you hear a beep

Missed this one, by a few days, and us Bloggers should take note ;-)

Queensland parliament adopted phone tapping laws laws under the Telecommunications Interception Act 2009.

This will allow Police and the Crime and Misconduct Commission to apply for telecommunications interception warrants.

"The passing of this legislation ensures Queensland authorities have access to the tools they need to fight crime and keep Queenslanders safe," Attorney-General Cameron Dick says.

"These powers assist officers investigating serious crimes such as drug trafficking, paedophilia, organised crime, serious premeditated violent crimes, and corruption."

However, Australian Council for Civil Liberties president Terry O'Gorman, says new laws can be abused, if more resources aren't provided for the Public Interest Monitor, a new statutory appointment under the Act.

I support such tools being provided to catch nutters, however get rather concerned when the State becomes too much of a big brother.

Wonder if they should be looking into tapping a few Cairns Regional Councillors Blackberrys?

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