Sunday 31 May 2009

Blog Boys - 7:35am Monday morning

AM gets crazy in the morning, thanks to Locco.
The first of the Blog Boys, Lance Royce and myself,
Tune in from 7:30am to 846AM, and we'll try not to break any broadcasting rules.
Note to self: set the alarm.
(Disclaimer: This programme was bought to you by the letters B, L and the colour red. No money has changed hands in the production of this radio show, besides chocolate.)


St. Lil said...

Should be an interesting match. Good luck Locco. By the way, I've seen Mike in the flesh, & he doesn't look nearly as pugnacious or ugly as in the pic - in fact, he's not pugnacious, or ugly.

quickie said...

OMG ... boring 1 vs boring 2.
there is no winner,
boring boring zzzz!!

nocturnal congress said...

quickie is pugnacious, pugilistic and perfidious...

Unknown said...

was too busy listening to Triple J, only caught the last minute or so.

The idea behind it is good, i think it needs a couple of weeks to work out a few issues. Lance seemed a little nervous to me (or uncomfortable).

Ill have to set a reminder to tune in earlier next week.