Friday 15 May 2009

Yacht Club building collapses

This morning, the remains of the historic Cairns Yacht Club building, relocated to James Cook University campus at Smithfield, collapsed.

The partially re-constructed building, which had the original roof trusses installed only a few weeks ago, fell onto the building's Black Bean flooring, and smashed the East side wall. Many of the trusses, snapped when the hit the floor.

The sound of the impact was so loud, it was held at the other side of the University.

I will bring post photos, along with my interview with Scott Bowman, Pro-Vice Chancellor of JCU, shortly.

Wendy Richardson and Bryan Law, who both campaigned for the building’s preservation on the existing Wharf Street site, visiting the ruins in the last hour. They were appalled at the damage and seriously criticised the entire relocation project.


Quickie said...

The whole building was termite ridden. Geez, after 50 years what else would/should you expect.
If it didn't collapse at JC it was bound to at its former site.
Then someone might have been killed.
And then the litigation lawyers would have moved in.
Smart move ex CYC committee, smart move. Pass the ants on.
BTW ... new CYC Bar and Resturant opening end of May.
Thankyou O generous State Govt, and thankyou Fintan.

C U all at the bar ...

Glue maker said...

Come on... aren't ya floggin' a dead horse? I hate the bastards in Brisbane as much as the next bloke, but when it's over, it's over. Same as Richardson's designs on a seat (seems she's not hugely picky what sort of seat) one would hope.

Rob Williams said...

I'd say that Quickie has been on the Turps and sees white ants everywhere. Hey Quickie do you get them under your skin too? There was no white ants in the building whatsoever.
Ask Demolition Desley, she will tell you there could'nt be any because it was an "tin shed"! The 100 year old silky oak roof trusses were better than the day they were milled in 1876.

Rob Williams said...

Quickie is really suffering from delusions folks. He thinks the Cairns Yacht Club ownes the Bar and Restaurant on the mariner point. They don't. Furthermore, I heard that the leesees of the Restaurant didnt want to open till December. As for the Bar, if that opens at end of May Quickie will be hallucinating again.