Sunday 31 May 2009

Compost earns its name

I’m amazed at the ethics of the Cairns Post, when they publish a hate-filled scumbag letter like this.
I thought Alan Hudson was vetting the Letters these days? Maybe he was off on Friday.
This disjusting vent was penned by Jeff Barnes of Callum Street, Mooroobool. You can easily find Mr Barnes on Whitepages.
I might pop over for a little chat and cuppa.

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Andrew said...

Yes, I agree Mike, however; do you really need and is it necessary to post the mans address and phone number?

No the Cairns Post should NOT have published that comment as it blatantly shows bias and it is uncalled for. Perhaps you could have made public the Cairns Post's editors direct number for complaints etc.

There's enough 'wack jobs' out there that will probably harass him and maybe even go to the extent of vandalisation. Just my 2c but I don't think that it was needed.

Michael P Moore said...

I take on board you comments Andrew.

The Editor is Andrew Webster and his email address is

His phone number is 4052 6641.

Everyone, including myself, needs to be accountable for the stuff they put in the public domain, like Jeff Barnes has done. His details are easily found on White Pages.

It's interesting to note that The Cairns Post don't publish full names for their online comments or the Txt messages they print in the print edition.

I would have thought this to be a breach of rules governing such letter writers, or do they not give a toss about publishing made up names like Maxx Lowe et all?

Unknown said...

This place is getting worse and worse.

Grow up a little Michael and remove the guys details. Absolutely low and disgusting act.

If you have an issue with what was published in the paper, take it up with the paper.

Brenda from Brinsmead said...

What's the problem here? Mike has revealed only what anyone can easily find out for themselves simply by opening the white pages. It is the writer's letter to Compost which reveals who he is and where he lives.

nocturnal congress said...

It is a chilling and dreadful situation when the hate campaign mounted by the likes of John MacKenzie and Gavin King, gets to the stage when people like this Jeff Barnes publicly expresses his wish for physical harm to come to the Mayor.

Cairns Resident said...

All a bit shrill and over-the-top PC aren't you?

Michael, when are you going to publish your own residential address and phone number so we can all drop around for a cup of tea and a chat every time we disagree with your musings??

nocturnal congress said...

I dunno about your sense of right and wrong, but in my book it isn't a good thing to publicly announce you wish harm on someone....

Michael P Moore said...

Taken on board people's comments, and have removed Mr Barnes' details.

I wish Mr Barnes and his loverly wife, a pleasant and undisturbed night watching Neighbours.

Jono from Holloways said...

Publish Mike's details?!

He's not the one the published his name in the Cairns Post in such a hate-filled way against the Mayor of Cairns.

If Mr Barnes, and the likes, wishes to put out such comments with his name on it, then he needs to be prepared to be identified.

It's a fair cop.

Unknown said...

no, mike should not have stooped to such depths. it makes him as bad as our rubbish newspaper. whoever allowed this letter to be published should be sacked. I hope they at least try to correct their error, as Mike has done.

Syd Walker said...

Unda has said everything on this I want to say, nicely and succinctly.

St. Lil at Yorkeys said...

It also gives me the total irrits that the people who send txt messasges to the Post, however interesting or unlovely, do not have their full names & suburbs published. Why not the txt people & why the letters people? Surely we all need to be accountable as a community.
It is indeed good that the Post issued an apology [legal advice??] but why on earth was that stupid, going no-where letter to ed published? Whoever was on the shift of Letter to the Ed should be demoted, possibly to floor-cleaner, for a couple of months. It had nothing to do with journalism or adding anything to the community. In fact, the boat had already turned around & was heading to Briso, so it was already old news on Saturday.
I thought, for a moment, Gavin King had resurfaced. Was he doing an extra shift, Andrew?

Pat Macquarie of Cairns said...

The address and phone number you published for Jeff Barnes was wrong. He is not the letter writer. There must be another J Barnes in Mooroobool.
You got it wrong, again.
Shame you defamed an innnocent person in the process.
Heard from his lawyer yet?