Friday 29 May 2009

Tune in to the Blog Boys

CairnsBlog goes live on radio from Monday.

Together with Lance Royce, who writes the ultra right-wing Northern Truth (not to be confused with the Dennis Quick's Northern Watch), we're putting together a weekly half-hour show.

Blog Boys will air on No Cash for Comment radio 4CA 846 AM, on Monday's from 7:35 am.

I'd like to thank Mike "Locco" O'Loughlin, who will introduce the show, and fire off subjects on the day for open debate.

Lance will of course be wrong, narrow-minded, you know - a typical Yankee import, telling us how to live our lives. Whereas I, as a fellow Kiwi, piratically Australian if it wasn't for my stunning good looks, will be compassionate, realistic, and with a herbal tea and moccasins under the studio desk, will argue that the Earth is in fact round.

I'm looking forward to a lively debate every Monday, that Locco promises will be 'quirky yet annoying'. It aims to be a no-holds-barred extension of our individual Blogs, so duck for cover, the Blog Boys are coming.

Now where's Val's number, so she can come on as our guest?


Anonymous said...

As is always the case with people that have no originality Mike, Dennis Quick has to steal part of my blog's name to try and make a impact on the blog scene! But as you know it's the content of a blog that makes the impact and DQ's writing is at best at a 3rd grade level!

Doc of Cairns Hospital said...

Lance Royce Ultra Right Wing? He is slightly right of Phil Adams.

The set top box said...

Do people still listen to AM radio? How quaint.

Syd Walker said...

The repulsive nose-to-nose photos of the two bad blog-boys reminds me I have an old score to settle.

In his attempt, during my election campaign (March 2008), to secure for me 100% of the weirdo vote, Mike arranged that all my corflutes carried a doubled-up image of one side of my face. It probably did win me extra votes among alcoholics, as my nose looked swollen and bulbous, but the great majority of the Division 8 TRC electorate wisely rejected such an ugly mug for Councillor.

Ever since, I've been waiting for the right moment to get payback. This is it. I give you Michael Moore, (1) double-left and (2) double-right.

Either should be enough to terrify Lance, especially number 2. I doubt now he'll turn up at all for the interview, sparing the airwaves his absurd pro-Dick Cheney opinions.

colinwhodares said...

There is a rumour (started by me) that you had a chance to catch up with macca at the station ,
any report on the rumoured meeting mike ?