Friday 22 May 2009

Who pays the ferryman?

At least one Councillor is questioning the dodgy spending of our rates. Thanks Mr Pyne. Keep this up, and you'll get a reputation like your father.
  • To: Noel Briggs
    Cc: Val Schier
    Subject: Legal Expenses


    I was very concerned to receive the attached document via email today. My concern is unrelated to the content. Whatever relationship Cr. Blake has with Mr. Moore is of no interest to me whatsoever.

    However, I do recall some time ago when Mayor Byrne was Mayor, the allegation was made that Council was paying for his legal action, alleging libel. I am not sure of the truth of this (or otherwise).

    However, I would like to be assured the ratepayer is not funding any current Councillor to defend their reputation from what many of us consider the healthy ‘cut and thrust of public debate’.

    Can you please confirm (as I would assume to be the case), that Cairns Regional Council is not footing the legal bill for any civil actions being launched or considered by any members of the current Council?

    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Cr Rob Pyne

I'll post the CEO's reply.

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