Tuesday 12 May 2009

Goodbye rego

Bloody smart move.
Western Australians will no longer be putting rego stickers on their cars.
The "groundbreaking change" will overhaul an outdated part of the State’s licensing system.
“Registration stickers have served their purpose and no longer have a place in a modern and efficient licensing system,” Premier Colin Barnett says.
Renewal notices will be still sent when registrations are due, but no stickers will be issued. It will save the production of over 3 million rego labels a year, saving $2 million.
“This is an innovative approach to efficiency and saving. WA is leading the nation with this step forward to a more modern and efficient government,” he said.
New communications technology gives police instant access to the State's vehicle registration database, along with automatic numberplate recognition cameras.
“People will now be able to kiss goodbye the frustrating task of scraping off old rego stickers to put a new one on,” Barnett says.
Queensland will take years to do anything similar.
We don't even have an annual road-worthy requirement like most other States, meaning vehicles can be driven for years with one light working, or a raft of other sub-standard things going unchecked.
Oh, the things we have Joh to thank for.

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