Thursday 14 May 2009

Foundry’s Anti-discrimination Ad

ABC's Gruen Transfer show last night, was refused to screen an anti-discrimination advert, with elements of race, religion, sexuality and body size.
The advert was not approved for broadcast by the ABC, however they consented for it's release on the website to facilitate debate.

"This is a confronting ad," presenter Wil Anderson said. "We feel that it may be offensive to some people, but we stand by the fact that The Foundry agency made it with a considered and legitimate intent to persuade Australians to reconsider their prejudices."

"It is clearly an anti-discrimination ad, an argument for tolerance, not divisiveness. As road safety advertisements sometimes use horrific accident images to make a point, so too this ad uses shock to drive home the ugliness of prejudice."

The advertisement's brief was for an idea of Fat Pride, to end 'shape discrimination' and make overweight Australians feel less humiliated by the constant public disapproval of anyone who isn’t a size 10 or under.

Click on the video here, that also includes Foundry’s ad, as well as a panel discussion with its creator.
Hat Tip: Molly the Door Bitch!

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