Friday 22 May 2009

Do ask, do tell

We know what you did last session!

Outrage, a new documentary about closeted gay politicians that promote anti-gay legislation, is set to shock the US.

Politicians include Florida governor Charlie Crist, California congressman David Dreier, former New York City mayor Ed Koch, and former Louisiana congressman Jim McCrery.

When asked about the ethics of outing politicians for the choices they make in their private lives, the film's director said they take the position that we don't look into politicians who are in the closet but are not voting anti-gay. Here's an interview on CNN last week.

Can you name the out gay Australian politicians? I mean, beside Senator Bob Brown, and Climate Change Minister Penny Wong. Or how about local pollys or candidates? Nah, I won't out any.

Meanwhile, UK's shadow environment secretary Nick Herbert, has defended expenses he has claimed on a new home. His civil partner, Jason Eades owns half of the West Sussex home.

“Their sole objection was that my second home is co-owned by Jason, but they did not raise this concern in relation to other MPs whose second homes are co-owned by their husband or wife," Herbert said.

Outrage premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last month.

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