Saturday 30 May 2009

Hands off our Knob

"Hands off our Knob," Maurice Milliner says, a Yorkeys Knob resident and co-ordinator of the 5th annual Festival of the Knob.
"Every year our signs go walkabout. They are there to advertise our wonderful festival. It's very sad when they are stolen before the event," Milliner said.
"This year we hope people leave them alone, so we can let everyone know about our great community event."
The Festival of the Knob has become a highlight on the beaches annual calender, attracting several thousand visitors.
From 11am to 5pm next Saturday, the festival will have all-day entertainment, gourmet food, and 80 market stalls and displays.
The annual Crowning of the King and Queen of the Knob by Cairns Regional Council Mayor Val Schier. The first public performance of the Out Loud Choir, and arrival of 'Yorkey' will follow the ceremony..


Debbie said...

I imagine they're all nicked by poms as souvenirs. Does 'knob' mean the same thing here as it does in the UK? Who was/is Yorkey and why is this place named after his knob?

CBD Warrior said...

This is an illegal advertisement.

They are not allowed on the Cook Highway. They're being removed by Main Roads; I saw them out today "nicking" one just south of the roundabout.

No one wants this crap marring our "Great Green Way".

Michael P Moore said...


Yorkeys Knob was named after a local fisherman called 'Yorkey' who lived on the rocky hill ('knob') adjacent to Half Moon Beach in the 1880's, the story of how Yorkeys Knob came to be is one that stirs the imagination.

Click here for an extract from "The Knob, A History of Yorkeys Knob" by Mary T Williams, published in October 1986.

history of Yorkeys Knob name

John, Kuranda said...

CBD Warrior

You should be applauding the sense of community spirit being evidenced by the good folk of Yorkey’s Knob with their festival.

And if a few signs get put up so what! Who the f**k does it harm? It’s not as if there are going to be there for more than a couple of weeks at the most.

Your attitude is not only very mean-spirited but also very petty. Please look around you; signs are constantly going up for a range of community activities – and we as a community should be applauding initiative instead of denigrating it.

CBD Warrior, get a reality check. To say “no-one” wants the signs up is, using your word, “crap”. I for one don’t mind that they are on the Captain Cook Highway.

And yes, even though I am from Kuranda, I will be flipping burgers next weekend to support the good burghers of Yorkey’s Knob.

Hats off to Maurice and the rest of the YK community.

St. Lil at the Knob said...

Oh, for heavens-sake - CBD Warrior has obviously lost his willy in his pants, can't find it, & has nothing else to do. What a waste of oxygen is this person - rah, rah, rah CBD - are you going to demand that the Cancer Relay for Life signs are removed from the highway? The Cairns Blues Festival signs? The Tropical Garden Show signs? The Big Trucks Extravaganza signs? Fruit Bat signs? Best Baby Photo at Cairns Central signs? Prettiest Tinnie of the Year Contest? Where does it begin or end?
And CBD - from my understanding the "Great Green Way" concept stretches from Cairns to Townsville - not north of Cairns.
CBD - I would suggest you need to eat more green leafy vegetables, more beans & legumes, & take a lot more Vitamin B, as your nervous system is obviously on edge.

And for Debbie above - Mike, as a Knobian, filled in some of the history (the Mary Willis history is a bit romantic, & hopefully a definitive history of Yorkeys Knob will be published in the not too distant future. Jim C. - get moving mate!))
Yorkey - actually named 'George Lawson', he's buried in the Grove St cemetery - was a Yorkshireman who lived at the Knob from the late 1880s until he died in about 1926 (not exact date). He owned all the land hereabouts & a great amount of the agricultural land around Yorkeys Knob - well, after the Murri people 'ceded' the land, that is.
In Yorkshire, a hill is called a "knab" - & Yorkey would have said something like "..that's me knab..", & us being slack & naughty Australians would have turned it in to 'knob' with all its attendant intimations.
A couple of years ago, a resident of Yorkey's birthplace of Staithes, on the coast of Yorkshire, England, came to visit YK, & blow me down, she had some photos of the hills at Staithes, & the general topography looked almost exactly like the hill at the Knob.
He was a fisherman, especially 'beche de mer' (sea slugs), a farmer around Yorkeys, & had great links with the local Murri community. He had huge links to Green Island, where he dried his beche de mer. In fact, he was friends with & protected a number of Murri people from the Aboriginal Protector of that time, the hideous Mr. Grigg. His funeral was apparently one of the first large whitefella funerals in Cairns, so well was he thought of.
He also indulged in a bit of smuggling - probably of booze & such, which really makes him a true Australian.
Incidentally, Phillip Adams in "The Oz" - (& by this stage CBD will have completely lost it, & lost 'It' in his pants again as well) - ran an investigative competition a couple of years ago, re odd place names in Australia. You will all be pleased to know that Yorkeys Knob won - hands down [or is that 'hands up'?). Yorkeys Knob won above 'Rooty Hill' - which one must admit is an Oztralian first.
CBD - just go lie down & have some camomile tea. No, you cannot have that with Bundy.

Dutchie said...

If there are any signs cluttering (or marring (? sic ?) if you like) the highway these days it's road signs!

CBD Copper said...

I'm pleased to report that all these trashy signs have now been removed from the Cook Highway.

Now to get you wankers to see the futility of repeating your visual pollution. Stay home and polish your knob.

Noj Nedlaw said...

CBD Copper

Will you be as vigilant at patrolling the moral outrage of the Cairns citizenry with your tittle tattling of all the other excellent good community groups who periodically place signs on the highway?

I hope so. Otherwise I suspect the outrage you profess has more to do with Mike (yes, he of CairnsBlog fame) actually living at Yorkeys and supporting this event, than any real concerns.

Oh and by the way, will you get the name right, it's the Captain Cook Highway. Getting it wrong twice just shows your stupidity.

Blogster said...

Seeing that the cops haven't had anything good to report for years, you must feel very good about yourself CBD (Esplanade Beat I take it?) Copper.

IMO visual pollution is big bully blokes in blue shirts. Particularly those polluting the sides of the roads in cars with engines running while they're having a nap.

I know, I don't need to tell you to polish yours as you're all w******s!

S.Northy said...

CBD Copper, why don't you do something really constructive like stay home and plait your nose hair?

S. Northy said...

Arrggggh, bogan alert! bogan alert! >>>>>>> CBD Copper.