Monday 25 May 2009

Missing Marvellous Macca on Monday

Another week, and still no John Mackenzie on 846 am / Easy Listening 4CA.

What's going on?

He was last on air on Friday 8th May, and no on-air announcement was made on his upcoming 'leave', which was uncharacteristic for the veteran Cairns radio broadcaster.

On the following Monday, a new announcer arrived and little mention was made of Mackenzie's disappearing act.

We were told he was "away for two weeks", however that has now been and gone, and 846am isn't the same in the mornings without him.

What is Barry of Yorkeys, Col of Edmonton, and Lynn of Redlynch doing with their time now?


Constance Lloyd said...

Somewhere, somehow, someone, sometime, whispered in my ear "Thailand.".

Could this be true?

If it is, let's hope he doesn't try to pick up a bar mat as a souvenir!

Al said...

Let's hope he does!

Tony Hillier said...

How about a bar mat rug? Now that would be fetching!

Your Thai Reporter said...

Methinks he's there for the ladyboys. Probably bangin' 'em three at a time.

brenda of brinsmead said...

Worry not, he'll be back for the next cyclone:
"Now Bluey of Second beach is on the line. Speak to me of the wind there Bluey".

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for KB, what will he do with his best friend gone? Well he's down to one now with just DQ now!

nocturnal cngress said...

He's gone to Guam to get the script on how to sell the US marines to Cairns. Prepare to hear how the disciples of Jesus Christ have been re-born and are about to bless Cairns with their presence.

health advocate says said...

Personally, I hope he gets a good dose of Swine flu and gets quarantined indefinately wherever he is hiding.

Syd Walker said...

Perhaps he's still looking for a hotel that pays him to stay?

Which reminds me, how's The Great Report coming along? I hope the QC's not still working on it (at $5K per day).

Not that Tablelanders are paying the Silk's purse (too stingy up here) - but I'd hate to see Cairns go completely broke. I shop there occasionally. Quite soon I hope to make regular forays into the town to witness US troops on R & R, warring with the local boys. It will help fortify my pacifism and remind me why I work tirelessly for the downfall of the real Axis of Evil.

nocturnal congress said...

There hasn't been any mention of the QC's Great Report for some days. Are they wishin and hopin everyone has forgotten?

Scintilla said...

Hey Mike, am unsure if you have noticed but a huge vacum exists on 4CA where once Macca reigned supreme. As we know nature abhores a vacum and sooner or later some thing else will fill the void.

So until that happens why don't you consider having your meduim sponsor an excerise in locating the esterwhile 'shock jock'

As an enticement your Blog might like to consider some sort of reward if the reader's effort lead to a successful for enducement..reward, this could be left to your readers to suggest?

Welcome other suggestions.

Richie said...

Who needs Macca when you have Jamie Townshend and the "Good Sports" on 846 every Saturday morning - Is that a good enough plug JT?

Noj Nedlaw said...


Are you able to confirm that no residual benefit has been gained by you, your family, your motor mechanic, or even your pet mice, for this massively obvious piece of promotion for a *gasp* commercial enterprise?

Richie said...


I Don't even get 50 cents for the parking meter in Abbott Street.
Perhaps the local councillor can help me out?

Anonymous said...

Don't fret. Macca is due back tomorrow...

JJ Beach lad said...

Don't fret you say Nick?

Surely that's one thing worth fretting about!?


nocturnal congress said...

Just when we all thought it was safe to turn on the radio......

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm is obviously wasted on you JJ

Still, lots has happened during Macca's absence, so he'll have plenty to rant and rave about...

I don't think the format of his show is all bad, but wouldn't it be good to have someone in there, who is progressive and open-minded and apart from covering local issues stimulated some proper debate.

All the other commercial stations are bland and repetitive and don't touch any current issues at all.

The ABC is ok at times, but can get a bit dull after a while. So what else is there ? Why is it so hard to make good radio ?

Quickie said...

Macca's great.

He gives it to all them left wing tree huggin' dishonest labour party apologists.

He only talks to Val under sufferance.

He promotes hard workin' non benefit bludging liberal thinking types, not labor leaning layabouts.

And most of all ... he completly ignores this blog.
Come back Macca.

KitchenSlut said...

"He promotes hard workin' non benefit bludging liberal thinking types"

What Quickie? You mean freebie red vino with Macca (sans nubile assistant) you and KB down at Villa is not bludging?

Who do you think has paid for this indulgence? More signifitantly, who do you think has not noticed?

Come on Wendy, get rid of the trash if you guys want to be taken seriously!?

nocturnal congress said...

Yep, Macca would enjoy working for the Chinese Government. Even better, for "Dear Leader". No nasty disagreeable callers there!

Susan Boyle's Lover said...

Arrh, but Quickie, you don't ignor this Blog... you watch it like a Hawk and you love coming back, week after week for over two years!

(we secretly love you too ;-)

Welcome back Quickie!

Anonymous said...

"Quickie said...
Macca's great.

He gives it to all them left wing tree huggin' dishonest labour party apologists."

As opposed to you tree-hating (honestly who could hate a tree ?) right-wing dishonest liberal party apologists". Love it or hate it Quicky, we're one big family here. What would we do without each other ? There would no one to argue with.

If only Macca would be a bit more even-handed and not so obviously biased, he'd have a much larger audience and a lot more respect too.

Dan Vowles said...

Isn't a talkback radio DJ supposed to be void of policial preference? I just want to know that a man of his apparent integrity did not take the rap for his apparent blunder, but chose to run from the heat in the kitchen. Sorry John, you were wrong, but it is worse when you do not admitt it, and no BS about forced leave. If he is a true to his word, he would have made his apology clear. Sorry mate, respect lost.

Blogster said...

Sorry Quicky, but over the years I found Macca's political leanings like a leaf on a tree: swinging whichever way the wind was blowing. Not at all consistent. But maybe that's just my impression?

But hey, I still listen to him, though in small doses, I can only handle so much Macca per week.

Georgina said...

Quickie is Macca

nocturnal congress said...

I will remember Macca roaring away about "weapons of mass destruction" and why we should be in Iraq, until the day I die, with disgust and contempt.

Anonymous said...
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nocturnal congress said...

1. still at teddy bears' picnic
2. run off with Goldilocks
3. holidaying in Thailand
4. choosing a new rug
5. stuck in loo passing pineapple
6. undergoing therapy
7. negotiating with US military
in GUAM for radio show
I'd put my money on Number 5.

Cairns Resident said...

1. went to teddy bears picnic.
2. went to reclaim his seat at villa.
3.went to barrys for group hug.
4.looking for job. mikes place.
6.really is having a holiday.
7.over to you.

Anonymous said...
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Colin Who Dares said...

1. looking for job at quickies
3.parachute pitts for a drink
4.out at reef ,fishing
5.thinking of excuse as to why he isn,t on thursday
6.retired disgracefully