Tuesday 19 May 2009

Port Carnivale this weekend

The wankiest week-long party, the Port Douglas Carnivale, kicks off again this weekend.

The Parade is on Friday night, starting at 7pm. If you want to participate, meet around
6pm at the Community Centre.

The Friends of Douglas Shire, who have been fighting for de-amalgamation from Cairns, will has a float called 'Douglas Dreaming', in the parade.

"We intend taking a light hearted look at the Douglas Shire since amalgamation - but we won't be pulling any punches," says organiser Michael Gabour. "This is something for the whole community, young and old and those of us in between - a chance to have a few laughs at our own expense," Gabour says. "Lets face it, we're paying for everything else, a little more won't hurt. Our truck is big, like our spirit."

"We probably should be playing Dire Straits - but we won't. The music will be pointed, the lighting cheap, but emotive, but the jokes will be constant. We have rolled regionally famous commentators and referees into one person - a feat in itself - and we have a cast of nubile and not at all effeminate masters of the universe for your amusement."

"Eye candy galore without the need for fluoridation, chlorination or aggravation!" Mike Gabour says.

This year's theme for Carnivale is 'Icons of Douglas'. There'll be the usual favourites returning this year like the Marina Seafood Extravaganza, Four Mile Beach Day and brand new this year, the Great Aussie Arvo Concert.

The Sheraton Mirage Longest lunch, Quicksilver's Food Wine and A Taste of Port, will be back where you can watch chefs compete in the James Squire Gourmet Gladiators. There'll also be the Golf Challenge at Sea Temple and a Carnivale Bull Ride a Clipper Cup Sailing regatta.

It's a good excuse to take the hour-long drive up the Great Grief Road to Post Ugly Arse.


Don't Drive Drunk said...

I look forward to be regaled with the inevitable stories of people, too stupid for words, being booked driving drunk on the only road in and out of town.

Because that's all this festival is - a bunch of spoiled rich kids and their children getting sloshed and stupid among their "friends".

Blogster said...

I reckon Cairns, Port, and our tourism industry would be better off with a bit more hedonism!

Anonymous, I respect you for what ever you believe, but please let the people who don't share those world views have a good time (it's only once a year).

And, dear coppers, please leave your "drunken idiot" propaganda for the Cairns Post.

nocturnal congress said...

"Post ugly arse". Good description Mike. Ahh, that you could have seen it as a pristine, tranquil, sleepy little outpost back in the 1960s and 70s. Like Kuranda, it has now been over-developed, over-commercialised, over-sold and over-priced and it has lost its character and unique appeal. "Eden gone rotten" is another great description.

Cairns Resident said...

The garden of Eden gone rotten with excess. There is something sickening and hedonistic about "Carnivale"
. It's about excesses. Eating too much like swine at a trough, drinking too much piss. Then it's about shagging away in the hotels and buying overpriced baubles and crap made in China.

Blogster said...

Hey, how did that happen? First the 7.43pm
Cairns Resident comment was published this morning by Anonymous (to whom I refer above), then it's deleted, and now the same comment appears under "Cairns Resident"?

Meticulos Johnny said...

Blogster, I think you'll find it's about following (simple) instructions...

***NO ANON comments will be posted****

Blogster said...

Alright that makes some sense, but, mr. Meticulous, the comment was posted, and published, hence my comments. But obviously it was removed. I don't care, but it changed the order of the comments (as it was reposted later) and made my reference refer to nothing, that's all.