Thursday 14 May 2009

May's Place out now

Issue two of the new street press The Place, our new music, arts and entertainment tabloid, can be found around cafes and on the street.
This month's issue features Diesel, aka Aussie rocker Mark Lizotte, who plays at Brother's Leagues Club this Friday evening.
Contact Chris Hayes to advertise or call the office on 4740 4090. It will not be answered by an call centre in Dubai.


Dutchie said...

How much cash did you get for this plug, Mike?

Michael P Moore said...

Zip. Zero. Nil. I support this new independent paper, as I want to see it succeed.

When you mention the car that you drive, does Toyota pay you a fee?

When you say you like drinking at Blue Sky Brewery, do they give you free drinks?

When you say you like Councillor X, does s/he pay you?

I understand the first two issues have not made hardly any income, as most new publications, take at least a year to get traction.

I have also placed an advert on the Blog, to generate interest. They plan to reciprocate.

It's called the mutual admiration society. You should set one up. Makes you feel good.

Anonymous said...

good to support anyone having a red hot go.fullstop

Dutchie said...

Come in spinner! Strewth Michael, I was just joking!