Friday 1 May 2009

Blue Sky goes red

Over a thousand red faces descended on Cairns yesterday for the FNQ Nash Hash bash, making this the biggest ever Aussie Nash Hash.
Hash House Harriers, is an international group of non-competitive running, social, and drinking clubs.
The Hashers have come from far and wide, are all about having fun, and also support charities along the way. Whilst in Cairns, they will make home at the Cairns Showgrounds, and will take part in a variety of events, including some very public fun runs, all adorning their signature red.
"The bad news is when we ordered the goodie bags for those attending, there were only 610 registrations, and we thought that we will order another 100 ish," said organiser Pat. "That’s 720, we won’t get that many, she’ll be right. How wrong could we have been? Bloody hashers! Trying to organise Hashers, is just like trying to heard cats."
Some of the visitors have been on the go for awhile, with a trek along the famous Kokoda Track, just prior to Anzac Day, whilst others have been taking in the delights of the region up at Cape Tribulation and Cooktown.
A main feature of the Hash meet is the runs, along preset trails, that are either walked or run.
Yesterday evening, nearly a thousand packed in to the Blue Sky Brewery, turning the bar into a sea of red, many in dresses, even the boys, for a Welcome to Cairns party.

On Saturday, a series of runs will take place including the Western, and the infamous 'Ball breaker'. On Monday, the local Cairns Hash House Harriers, will host the 1700th celebration run, followed by a Full Moon Hash at the Cape York Hotel.
There are no rules, but they do have some suggestions for their members to follow, like...
  • Don't lose your drinking vessel or you will have to buy a new one.
  • Bring your drinking vessel otherwise you won’t be drinking.
  • You cannot take alcohol out of the venue area.
  • When running trails, don't leave rubbish behind on the trails.
Brisbane and Tasmania are bidding for the right to host the next meet in 2011.
Can you spot the difference!??

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