Tuesday 3 August 2010

Unwanted pianos wanted

As the Cairns Festival nears opening day on Friday August 20th, a hunt is on for unwanted pianos for the wonderful street music event, Keys to the City.

Launched last year, Keys is a really inspiring feature of the festival. As the organiser say, it captures the imagination and hearts of passers-by.
"Be they talented pianists or those with a flair for fun – everyone is welcome to channel their inner Mozart when they happen across one of Festival’s colourfully painted pianos," Council's Simone Roseler.
Donated pianos will be painted and decorated before hitting the streets in time for Cairns Festival that begins in just under three weeks.

Piano pick up will be arranged if you can't squeeze it into the back of your white Toyata Yaris. Organisers may also consider some payment for your old heirloom.

So if you have an unloved or unwanted piano, contact Simone by this Friday on telephone 4044 3715.


Curious said...

What happened to last years pianos, surely they weren't dumped?

Russ Parker said...

I wondered the same thing Curious. Although I do recall that at least one of the instruments fell victim to some neanderthal who thought he would show everyone how clever he was by smashing it to pieces rather than attempting to play it.

Morgan James Davies said...

I thought there was gonna be a karate demonstration...