Friday 27 August 2010

Community radio buckles, postpones AGM

Following the exposure on CairnsBlog this morning about a hastily-called annual meeting, without following legal due process in advising members in writing, Cairns Community Radio 89.1 FM, have suddenly cancelled Monday's meeting.

Moments after the story on CairnsBlog this morning, a small notice was posted on the radio station's website...
  • "AGM date of 30 August 2010 has been changed to 13th Sepetember [sic] 2010.
    A notice may be downloaded from the link above.
    Nominations 13 September AGM 2010."
This change has been done because the 14-day notice period was ignored.

Rod Coutts took this same defensive action at a March meeting, in reaction to a large turn-out of disgruntled members of the public.


spangled lady said...

Oh what POWER you have Mike! Your blog story was terrific and what a result. You have Capt Mainwaring (or as he is now to be known, The Chairman) running scared -can't wait for the next enthralling episode in this story of greed and corruption. It's better than the B&B!!

Tom said...

So they're still at it. What will it take to get through to this clique that their gig is up?

Bazza said...

Wasn't that coutts who was coming up the stairs before entch in the video of entch's victory welcome?
What is the use of asking entch to do anything about this mob when it appears they support him, and if you have any doubts ask annette shepherd.
When is everybody going to wake up to this rip off group so we can stop all the bad development that they will try to do.

Johnny at Edgehill said...

No Bazza, it most certainly wasn't Coutts at Wazza's function... Coutts is so effing stoopid, he told me a few months ago, he didnt know the name of the electorate that Jim Turnour was in - I effing kid you not. The guy is a effing nutter - and that's why he really doesn't know a thing about what he's doing... I mean ... hav u actually listened to the radio lately??? WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT!@!!!

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

I can't see why ACMA hasn't acted much more boldly in this, as they have already ruled that the station's management have acted badly over the last couple of years. A toothless tiger?

Michael Hyams said...

One would need all your fingers and toes to count the illegalities of the manner in which Coutts approached his bogus AGM. Justn a a for instance, note that the posts of Chairman/President and Treasurer are not put up for election. Presumably bercause Couttshas taken it for granted that his rubbish new constitution provides for two year terms vfor these posts. Very comfy for him and his girl friend. Oh, by the way, perhapswe can find out what he has been using to pay his legal fees, and by "THE CAR"

Raymond F at Palm Cove said...

Hey Bazza... had a look at the video on cairns blog too does look a little like the wanker Coutts but it's actually charlie woodward .... the tourism magnate...

Private Fraser said...

Another round of ‘on again’ ‘off again’ meetings and the AGM to boot! It’s doomed! Doomed! The conceited Captain has had nearly 12 months to float his 'ship', and all we have now is a bunch followers to silly, to even share in the spoils of Government money.
The AGM cancelled at 4:36 PM today via email, re a meeting set down for tonight.
What happened to the greatest sales person in Cairns?
What happened to all the new sponsorship money the good Captain was going bring in?
What happened to all the great programs the Captain was going to have produced?
What has happened to the station signal? Much weaker and mostly distorted, the original 4CCR always promoted the clarity and purity of the FM signal! 4CA could take on 4CCR on AM.
How many members has the good Captain lost this past 12 months?
The good Captain now voices his own self congratulatory announcements that a fledging school kid could make a better fist of, what happened to Marcus Smith?
Good on Cairns Blog for exposing the operation of this challenged radio station, not once in 12 months has the Captain stated publicly what is happening with Government our tax payers money being wasted at 4CCR.
The good Captain now himself has car we are told, paid for out of 4CCR Government money. Is this true?
Let’s hear from the gutless Captain on the blog! Bet we don’t!

Doomed doomed……

Private Fraser

Graham Solider, Clifton said...


I got one too... just 2 and a bit hours before the meeting was meant to start tonight!!!!!

Mad Coutts and his bunch of idiots are certainly running like sinking rats...

Wonder how much money they're got left to play with???

I'll be at the AGM to find out!!!!!


From: Info@Cairnsfm891
To: Graham Soldier
Sent: Mon Aug 30 16:36:07 2010

Dear Valued Members of Cairns Fm 89.1

We wish to advise that the Annual General Meeting date of Monday, 30 August has been CANCELLED.

The AGM has been postponed until :

AT 7:00 P.M.

We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you there.

In the spirit of community radio;
Diane Jensen

PO Box 891
Phone:07 40 536 891 Fax: 07 40 532 085

Lance-Corporal Jones said...

Permission to speak Mr Moore! As Private Frazer says that Capt Mainwaring could be the end of us. But, mark my words Sir, that lot don't like it up 'em. The siege of Festival Faire is nigh!

Lance-Corporal Jones (deceased)

Private Fraser said...

Hey Jonesy.....shove that cold steel right up em!!

Further resistance is useless. In the name of the King I demand that you surrender.

Its over Captain go now and take bullshit of a champion with you!

spangled lady said...

O Boy! The plot thickens! But this time the Capt may have overreached himself -did anyone else notice the subtle little change to the Constitution that gives the committee the right to terminate anyone who has been declared bankrupt -discharged or undischarged? This should make at least one member of the committee and a current presenter very uncomfortable!

Private Fraser said...

My old mate Godfrey informs me that a certain technical person who no longer performs any technical work for the commercial radio stations has popped up as the bumbling Captains right hand fix it man! Why did Marcus Smith leave? What was done to the computer system? What happened to the 4CCR signal?
This fix it person now intends to be given a place on the 4CCR board, to organize how much money he can be paid,for what work he organises, another huge conflict of interest that the Captain has a reputation of allowing.

Doomed, doomed…….are more of the membership seeing the Captain about some money? Shouldn’t all the on-air presenters(who like the Captain) be paid something?