Saturday, 21 August 2010

Dugong Colin knifes Jim in the front

Dugong and turtle campaigner Colin Riddell took his angry and emotionally-charged protest to Jim Turnour's Grafton Street office in Cairns yesterday.

"It was my last ditch effort. I can do no more," Colin Riddell told CairnsBlog. "Before you vote Greens or Labor, think about why in over a year no contact, in over 400 emails and phone calls for help."

The protesters were showing their anger about the public housing debate and also Riddell's campaign to end the slaughter of Dugong and turtle off the coast of Queensland.

"They don't care about animals," Riddell says. "They don't care if they're being cut up and butchered on a daily basis all around the coast of Australia. They knifed their own Prime Minister."

7 Local News captured the moment...


CGW - Cairns said...

400 emails huh. You Sound like a stalker or a sicko, Riddell...
I wouldn't answer to no clown who carries on like that just for the sake of attention.
Indigenous people have the right to hunt Dugong you fool. End the slaughter. They aint extinct, they are still here. Look at all the animals Captain Cook and all his mob killed off to extinction since their arrival, over 30 + unique aussie animals have been wiped out, so there, Mr Riddell.

Throw Another Dugong On The Barbie said...

We all know Colin has a few loose screws, and 1 or 2 that are overtightened. He actually thinks that abuse, threats and intimidation will achieve what he wants.

MMMM. . them dugongs is tasty! said...

No one cares about silly issues like dugongs. There are plenty of dugongs around the world - and Riddell knows it. The fact that a few get killed here for sandwiches is frankly irrelevant. There are plenty of serious issues plaguing humans, worth the time and energy.

Syd Walker said...

"They don't care about animals," Riddell says. "They don't care if they're being cut up and butchered on a daily basis all around the coast of Australia"

I missed this at the time.

Whoever said the electorate of Kennedy is No 1 in hyperbole?

What's more, Colin, with Green Leninists now ensconced in power in Canberra, who now will STOP THE BOATS? (or, in the case of FNQ, who'll deal with the more serious problem that flotillas of grey nomad caravans from Victoria keep driving up from Townsville)

Mr Riddell said...

What is that saying ? sticks and stones" to the three nameless gutless wonders no comment .
To syd walker the "greens" will go the way of the democrats .
Huge blunder to put their moronic views in with the labor party.
Swann just shafted windsor and it is day one .
Like Baranaby Joyce said you could not buy tickets for this show hhhaaa.

Schirnack said...

This Riddell bloke, is he gay or retarded or something...What an idiot thinking he can save the dugongs. I think you never got any love as a child, mate. Trawlers kill more dugong and turtle than human beings. Put that in your billy and choof it.