Tuesday 17 August 2010

Take a note of this, you Gillard fans

"Her actual delivery was superb," quipped former, former, former, former Prime Minister Bob Hawke (was that enough former's?)

The new new Joolya now speaks 'off the cuff'', she won't use notes, she won't be advised, and she won't be told what to say.

A 40-minute speech yesterday was hailed as "brilliant" by the Labor spinners. "Julia Gillard doesn't use teleprompter or notes," they said.

Bob Hawke had 'notes' and proudly displayed them. Then out marched Ms Gillard, open hands, no notes. Bob welcomed her.

Then in sneaks a bloke and pops her speech on the lectern.


JKR said...

She still spoke well - but why the lie that she didnt have notes? It is just weird behaviour - nobody would have thought less of Gillard just because she used notes or a teleprompter. There arent many orators in Australia gifted enough to speak for 30 or 40 minutes and be interesting and on message for the whole time. It is just very strange.

Alison Alloway said...

What's going on here? Her name is Julia. I find it offensive to call her "Joolya." If you can't say that, say "Gillard". Women politicians have the right to be treated equally with men.

Dave said...

Oooh a conspiracy theory. This is really important stuff.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Allison - I think it's just Australian larrikanism getting in the way. Don't lose sleep over it.

And JKR - it isn't "strange" - it's called 'spin' = ie. "She doesn't need notes" = spin. But some bloke puts the notes on her lectern = reality.

Politics - simple, also = BORING & predictible - or in this election anyway. I actually think this is the most boring election we have had - although 12 years of Johhnie H. being re-elected, I spose, were just as boring.

Actually, I think not so much boring as mind-shattering: ie. whom do you vote for who will do the least harm? A very sad state for Australia & the Far North to be in.

Why cannot the electoral parties & us as a country take some lessons from Switzerland? Appparently they have their elections, & with that run 12 or 20 referenda that have been disseminated & spoken about for the previous year or two, & vote on whether they wish those proposals to be incorporated into their society & culture. There is either yes or no.

In this country it's difficult if nigh impossible to get a citizens referendum into parliaments. It has become a closed shop - & hopefully someone out there in the BlogLand might have enough Constitutional ability re State & Federal to inform us of the constraints?

I think this has to change, as we are weary & tired of impossible, expensive & bureaucracy-driven legislation from politicians who are only interested in following the party line, & being rewarded to that.

nocturnal congress said...

I would agree, Lillian with one thing anyway...the results are very predictable and a foregone conclusion. It's all over red rover... An overwhelming win for Abbott in the House of Reps, and a small Greens/Labor majority in the Senate. Entsch gets back in Leichhardt.

JKR said...

Alison, you are way too easily offended. You will notice that by using "Joolya", Ms Gillard IS being treated the same as a man. Australians are well known for bestowing our high profile people with sobriquets.

Keven mudd said...

Alisin fact is no man named "joolya" ever stabbed a sitting prime minister in the back I have heaps of names for the back stabbing bitch! "JOOLYA" IS KIND.

Alison Alloway said...

Sobriquets hey JKR? I'm laughing here because the last time I saw Entsch, I almost fainted because in mature age he looks so much like his MOTHER, not his father. (I remember them well.) No-one can help the ravages of time, and no-one can help their genetic make-up, but oh dear...to see a womanish, matronly like body shape...
I fear "Wazza" has aged into "Shazza" and that is a suitable sobriquet.

Alison Alloway said...

Keven mudd.....start reading some Australian political history. In particular, read through the year 1941 when Robert Menzies, then Prime Minister was bitterly opposed by members of his own political party (over things like "the Brisbane Line"), FORCING him to resign as Prime Minister and leader of the UAP. His colleague, Arthur Fadden who orchestrated the opposition, became Prime Minister.
It was one of the most significant times in our history and that you don't even know it!! For shame!!