Monday 16 August 2010

Giving the Cairns Post credit where it's due

I'm growing to like the new editor and his new-look Cairns Post. I however, remain cautious about editorial content, if I'm allowed a buck each way.

Andrew Holman, who swept into town from the Adelaide Advertiser just hours after editor Webster was sacked on Friday May 21st, is making a dramatic change to the look and feel of the region's daily. It's a massive turnaround in a few short weeks.

Even Cairns Regional Council Mayor Val Schier told CairnsBlog, she believes the Post has had a noticeable change for the better in recent weeks.

"Yes, there's definitely an improvement and a more balanced approach than before," Val Schier said this evening.

Often ridiculed as the "Compost" (some Post staff unaffectionately call this blog the CairnsBog), there is certainly a happier tone around the staff, with many feeling part of real change.

One of the things I've enjoyed seeing, is the great attention to photographs now. Monday's edition is a case in point. It really is a dramatic cover, and beats those often predicable, cheap and bordering on sexist, front pages that schoolboy editor Mark Alexander used to dish up ad nauseam.

Hopefully with the return of Gavin King, former Chief of Stiff, we won't see a return to a trashy tablewd. Here's hoping.

NB: In the interests of full disclosure, editor Holman has attempted to bribe me by buying at least three pints of lager at the Cairns Courthouse. Mind you, I've hardly got a free Latte out of Val in the last two years.


he without sin said...

well I'll damned..I am officially eating my hat

Cast the first compost said...

But is it really 100% biodegradable and non-toxic to my veggies?

Hingehead said...

Today's front page was the $37m woman's tenuous link to Cairns long after the story front paged in the nationals.

Quiet day?

Reminds me of 'Jumbo jet crashes into Taj Mahal - no Australians killed.'