Thursday 19 August 2010

Cairns Festival: Opening Notes is something truly special

What if we asked the community’s musicians, artists, and creative folk to come up with something special for every child born in our region?

This is the challenge Cairns Festival director Eric Holowacz presented just two months ago.

Opening Notes is a unique and beautiful gift to all new-borns in Cairns during the next 12 months.

A special package with cultural elements, with a music CD and booklet, and then gift-wrapped. Around 4,000 babies born in the Far North will receive this gift from Friday onwards.

The gift will be presented on the day of birth, to all new-borns.

Eric Holowacz says no other arts festival in the world is doing something like it.

"The Cairns Festival, in partnership with sole sponsor Cairns Penny Savings and Loans, will launch the Opening Notes project with the first baby born during our 2010 opening weekend," Eric said.

"This will continue with the 4,000 children expected for the next 12 months. It will be a pure and simple gift—filled with expressions of our culture and imbued with a profound sense of place."

The first of many 'wrap parties" was held last night, this one was hosted in the Cairns Post board room. (Look closely and you'll spot blood on the carpet from the last departing editor.)

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