Tuesday 17 August 2010

Kamerunga will open Cairns Festival on Saturday

Local band Kamerunga will be the feature act at the official opening of the 2010 Cairns Festival on the Esplanade this Saturday.

Be there from 8pm, and enjoy this unique line up of local musos after the parade and fireworks display.


Panoramic Pat said...
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Tony Hillier said...

Panoramic Pat you are out of order. Trust me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Kamerunga's drummer. He dribbles out of both corners of his mouth simultaneously, thus indicating that he has set up his drum kit on a level surface, and though suffering from incontinence he never piddles in the hotel sink on band tours.

Queenie said...

Go Kamerunga - s fab way to start the Festival. It's a band that has grown so much in the past couple of years.
HOwever, I can't comment on the drummer. . . . beyond me.