Wednesday 25 August 2010

Katter 'threat' is nonsense says Entsch

“It's just nonsense,” Federal Member elect for Leichhardt Warren Entsch said today, after claims that independent-turned power broker, Bob Katter threatened a Federal MP.

“This would not have been a legitimate threat. The only thing Bob Katter is guilty of is being passionate, loud and assertive," Warren Entsch said, something that he himself has a well-known reputation for.

"Having known the man for many many years, I can attest to Bob’s solid character. A lesser person may well call him aggressive and bullying, however those who stoop to such name calling clearly have no knowledge of his passion nor his commitment to his electorate and his constituents," Entsch says.

“Bob and I will never agree on all things, particularly our respective positions on gun control, but one thing I can attest to without hesitation is his passion for his electorate and his unflinching service to his constituents and his love of our indigenous peoples."

Warren Entsch says Katter, often like himself, calls "a spade a spade."

"He speaks from his heart and is very upfront with his thoughts and quite frankly gives little consideration to who he may offend in arguing his position. At the very centre of it all is a good hearted human being,” Warren Entsch said.

“I have been accused of exactly the same level of passion in my public life, for exactly the same reasons, so I understand where he is coming from. It is also this level of passion that makes him effective," Entsch says. “This quite frankly is one of our strongest areas of commonality."

“Bob does not have a vicious bone in his body. But what he does have is a passion for his electorate of Kennedy running through his veins and it is something for which he should never apologise."


Hingehead said...

Uh, why is the Entsch defending Katter - has the suck up from LNP begun?

Maybe we should give Katter the trade portfolio. I'm sure telling a Chinese delegation that he can arrange for them to be killed will speed up negotiations.

Thaddeus said...

So this Lindsay character is "a lesser person" according to Entsch. Jesus bloody Christ.
Lindsay gets smeared as a liar and sookie boy while Entsch panders and postures friendship to Katter who bloody just hates him. Classic moves though, Entsch uses the opportunity of suck-holing to someone with a LOT more power, while praising himself at the same time.
I reckon you're gunna have to grovel a bit more there "wazza".
I, too remember the brawls between the old Nats and the Libs bloody well.

Hingehead said...

"A lesser person may well call him aggressive and bullying, however those who stoop to such name calling clearly have no knowledge of his passion nor his commitment to his electorate and his constituents,"

But "You Liberals are slimy dogs and you are the lowest of the low." isn't stooping to name calling?

Grip. Get one. Hypocrisy. Lose one.

MaryO said...

Dear Warren,

What does indeed constitute a legitimate threat"? If this particular one is not as so clearly stated by you above.

nocturnal congress said...

my oath we remember the brawling between the old Nats and the Libs.
hehehehe. There's a helluva lot of bad history there. So Entsch is groveling already. Christ almighty I bet Katter is laughing his guts out. yeah get on yer knees Entsch you're not dealing with mild mannered little Jimbo anymore. hehehehehe, christ this is a laugh, what a bloody turn up aay just a couple of days after the election. Grovel Entsch, and BTW he's MR KATTER, SIR! to you.

think again folks said...

Calumny, followed by posturing and self-aggrandisement. We've seen this type of strategy before. I doubt Katter ever said those things to Lindsay. It's a complete beat up. These are political tactics and strategy to weaken Katter's position and to put him "on notice". Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Miss Chief said...

So the charactor assasination has already begun. Bob's quite capable of putting his foot in his own mouth AND owning up to it. He's been like that his entire life. I can remember slapping him, when he was 16, at a dance in the Cloncurry Shire Hall - neither of us bore any ill will. It was just a case of action and reaction. He had a great teacher in Bob Snr. and really, really cares for the people in his electorate.
It looks like us little guys are finally going to have a matter how politically incorrect it is.

Hingehead said...

Miss Chief, you may have slapped a little too hard ;)