Thursday 19 August 2010

Sighs of the times - there's some rats in the ranks

We may live in a conservative post- Joh Bjelke-Petersen State, but Leichhardt is not over till the fat (or skinny) man sings.

Overnight, what appears like hundreds of new signs have appeared on the main Southern highway, and also the Northern Captain Cook Highway.

"Ratted" says the sign, with a grim-faced former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, strategically placed next to Labors election signs.

On closer inspection around midnight last night, and after getting several tip-offs from dutiful CairnsBlog readers. The signs even comply with the Electoral Act and are authorised by none other than a 'Denis Quick of 192 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt.'

I wonder who that office belongs to? There appears like there's some funny rats in the ranks.


Colin Riddell said...

The reason Jim """ I am working hard """ turnour is on the nose is . He abandoned his core base of the
unionists when they really needed him with some support when Anna sligh decided to sell of 16
billion dollars of their jobs. And abandoned palm cove and bluewater residents because the only
seat the labor party won last election was trinity beach so no voters for Jim in palm cove or
bluewater. He abandoned me when I asked for help with the sea turtle dugong issue and did
everything he could do to avoid it . And I worked the radio for him last election to convince you
to vote him in. He also abandoned local business people when asked for help with projects e.g.
Water park and another catering business that would have employed 30 people . He deserves the boot
and I will be voting lnp for the second time in my whole life . Jim you are the worst electoral rep
I have ever seen bye bye Jim turnour you deserve it . You labor writers can say colin it is sour
grapes well too bloody right it is. Someone you help and when asked for a simple statement to
support a critical issue is not too much to ask. PS the 150 million dollar southern access
recycled pledge from 2007 annoyed the hell out of me also.

Oliver Redlynch said...

Policies - nope. Facts - died a death. The economy - ignored. So this is what Australian politics is all about - personalities and (dubious) cash promises to bribe the local electorate. These posters quite simply sum up the murky depth to which politics has sunk. As an observer (i.e. I can't yet vote) I would find it quite amusing if it wasn't so damn tragic.

JKR said...

Ratted. Nice. And right next to Ms Gillard, who we are to presume is the person who ratted Mr Rudd. That is the best road sign of the campaign to date.

Bryan Law said...

Generally I don't have much positive to say about Denis Quick, but I thank him now for the wonderful image of Kevin 07.

After the way he treated us, he deserves a serious introspection. So does Jim. Tell me, can an empty suit self-examine?

Lucas said...

Haha, Julia certainly Ratted Rudd in the most UNAUSTRALIAN, NON DINKY DI & sadly undemocratic way possible.

So will we this image on signs & shirts with KEV10?

yk said...

"Ratted" Hardly the word I would use to describe what happened to Rudd. In what must rate as one of the greatest bastard acts ever committed in Canberra. He was knifed from behind by his 'loyal'deputy. Why? 2 reasons.
One because he lead the most incompetent government since Whitlam, of which I might add, Gillard, Shorten and Abett were members and secondly because of Labor"s overwhelming lust to retain power. And now she is asking us to re-elect a Gillard Government. It was never elected in the first place so how can we re-elect it. And why should we!

KB :-) said...

Brillant … Julia asks us to trust her….lmao. This clearly shows that Julia has NO respect for anyone. … anyone who would trust her with anything after what she did to Kevin clearly has a goldfish memory… How dare she assume leadership of the country without the support of the Australian people. Hopefully Kevin will have the last laugh when the people of Australia will at least been given the opportunity to vote her out… will, in part, make up for the fact that we were never given the opportunity to vote her in the first place!

Losiento - no ablo espanol said...

I think you'll find this refers to a term Dear Kevin used to describe his Chinese mates at the Climate Change love-in (love-out?) in Copenhagen recently.
Specific relevance to what Kev was saying is contained virtually everywhere on the internet, at places like:

Cairns Resident said...

Kevin looked similar to that when he fronted up to Gillards' campaign launch. What role will he play in her team if elected for the first time? Will he get a chance to be Minister for Primeministerial Stabbing or will he just be a backstabbing back bencher?

Allan Short said...

Good point about Gillard never being elected in the first place.

I noticed that Kevin looked the same at Gillards's launch the other day.

Does anyone know what role Kevin 07 will play in a Gillard Government if there is to ever be one?

Would he be Minister for Primeministerial Knifing Ratifications or will he just be a backstabing back bench-er lurking around parliament lamenting?

I think I may have created a poetic license which is more useful than any of Jim Turnip's efforts during his time of sitting around soaking up the spoils of our toils in the soils of Leichhardt!

Someone please pull Turnip and feed him to the Pigs!

Lucas said...

Poor Lil Kevin wants a big Hug.