Sunday 15 August 2010

What did Warren and Jim think of the debate?

The one and only public debate a week ago between Liberal National candidate and return Federal MP Warren Entsch, with first term member for Leichhardt, Jim Turnour, was far from conclusive. However, it was a great crowd pleaser.

The first question for me was: Where were all the other candidates running for this election? In the crowd I spotted independent Jen Sackley, who had no noticeably knife wounds from her LNP pre-selection contender, Warren Entsch. There was Family First fallout girl and now independent, Yodie Batzke. Even corflute funny man, Steve Lane was in the back row.

The same story happened when the big fat end of town hosted the debate leading up to the 2008 Council election. Other mayoral hopefuls Peter Sandercock and Selwyn Johnston gate-crashed the ritzy luncheon at the Cairns International, but weren't welcome to speak. Maybe next time, CairnsBlog ought to host a real public forum, for all candidates.

The debate was a rowdy affair, and I think, evenly stacked with Laborites on one side, and Libs on the other. I felt Warren was the stronger opening speaker and maintained that through the first half, however as the debate wore on, Jim improved, like he was sneaking a Red Bull behind the table. He definitely finished on a high, with a more conclusive wrap-up.

The highlight for me was the fight over who made the new Mulgrave River Bridge a reality. It was like two school kids fighting over their play lunch. Entsch rightfully claimed that when he was in office, the funding was sought, but was kicked in the guts as Jim exclaimed.. "Well, I turned the first sod!"

Following the debate, I collared both candidates to ask how they thought the debate went. Warren Entsch gave me a few minutes, however Jim Turnour darted away for a long overdue meal, his beloved Tiffany told me, so I tracked him down at Bently Park the following morning at his mobile office.

Here's our two star candidates. See if you can decipher the rather tell-tale body language...

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Syd Walker said...

The Greens have run a positive campaign throughout this election, focusing on policy and the future.

No-one has suggested the Greens have played dirty tricks; any dirty tricks been the other way.

Both the two major parties have stooped to new lows in mutual slanging matches and systematic misrepresentation opponents' policies.

This last week has been like a race to the bottom.

At this election, voters who want cleaner politics in Australia should vote Green 1 in the Senate and House of Reps.

Then hold your nose and make an eventual choice between the two big dirty tricks parties. Good luck with that.