Friday 20 August 2010

Poll predicts LNP's Warren Entsch to narrowly win Leichhardt

For the last four weeks, the CairnsBlog poll has mirrored many mainstream polls and is what many have shared with me whilst I've been on the hustings.

With 675 votes cast, there were just three votes apart between Jim Turnour (ALP) and Warren Entsch (LNP).

However, and as I recorded previously, I added a candidate spot for the Fishing Party incorrectly. This option couldn't be removed once the poll commenced. You can make your own assumptions as to where those 32, (or 4%) votes would have gone. It's highly probable they would not favoured Greens nor Labor.

That being the case, CairnsBlog's poll of readers, and contrary to some observers, aren't just bunch of lefties, but appear reasonably evenly divided, showing a small majority Liberal advantage. This is good (especially for future advertising CairnsBlog opportunities).

It's therefore going to come down to preferences, and in a narrow cliff-hanger that most are expecting, Leichhardt will be one of the true races of the election to watch.


When it comes to the Senate vote, the CairnsBlog poll is far clearer.

The Greens collected 30%, Liberal National Party 24%, and the ALP 15%, out of 300 votes.

The Fishing and Lifestyle Party polled strong and came in at fourth place with 10%.

Shooters and Fishers polled 4%, and Family First polled at 3%. They'd made a good opposite-sex marriage I reckon.

The Sex Party, who produced some of the best video advertisements in the campaign, picked up 5% on the side (equating to around 17 blowjobs).


MaryO said...

How can it have been in any way a truly representative poll when it was possible to vote more than once? Just by using different browsers. The good news is that there's still hope!

Vote Communist said...

Oh come on, I voted at least 20 times, every time I came on the site.

Anyone with a dynamic IP got to vote multiple times.

Jude Johnston said...

I still think the polling booth at Clifton Beach will be an "indicator booth"