Monday 30 August 2010

Homo apocalyptus at The Attic

If adult content and zombie situations is your thing, then Dean Poynor's new play, Homo apocalyptus will be just the night out you've been looking for.
Presented by Cairns Festival artists in residence, the Salvage Company, supported by Gilligan's and The Attic Bar, Homo apocalyptus is a play about love, humanity, and our future after the zombie apocalypse (should appeal to most politicians).
You can catch this unique bit of theatre at The Attic, 89 Grafton Street on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd September.
Dean Poynor, who is the playwright in residence for the 2010 Cairns Festival, describes the play says...
  • Homo apocalyptus is the story of three human survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse who find themselves thrown together in an abandoned bar on a deserted tourist island, and must accept the challenge to repopulate the human race. At the final hour of our species, this play examines the meaning of religion and family, and exposes the intricate dance of need and desire that strikes at the core of what it means to be human.
"This production is special to me, and I'm glad to see it finally come to life," Dean Poynor says. "It was developed last year during a residency in Florida with The Studios of Key West, and we spent time rehearsing this summer in NYC. I was able to work with the exact cast that I envisioned, and they flew down ahead of me to Cairns, to begin putting the show together with Australian director, Velvet Eldred, and the good people at The Attic."

Homo apocalyptus also features Paul Jaques Kaufmann as Jed, Monica Wyche as Lenora-Fontane, and Katie Wieland as Kira. Direction is by Sarah Krohn in New York, and Velvet Eldred in Cairns. Sound design by Baxter Engle.

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Gavin Post said...

Now what WOULD be funny is a storyline where three gay apocalypse survivors are thrown together in an abandoned gay bar. Hilarity ensues!