Tuesday 31 August 2010

The Desley Boyle van is a little sticky

Spotted in Grafton Street, Cairns at 3:15pm this afternoon...

Even Cairns MP Desley Boyle has a "See Queensland First - before Bligh sells it" sticker on her campaign van.

It may have a dose of van aerial disease.


danny la rue said...

Leave him alone hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa

Josh Wood said...

Firstly, that's vandalism! And a sly, cowardly display of political protest. Hiding in the bushes while the van leaves the post office... We know this protester well. And needless to say the offending sticker was removed just moments later.

Bligh Must Go said...

Not anywhere near as sly as the way the Premier forced Privatisation on the Qld public only weeks after the 09 election without even a mention during the campaign.
Then Bligh, Boyle and the rest of the State MP's expect the public to accept that the strategy was not even considered until after the election. That is SLY.
Stop Privatisation NOW.