Saturday 21 August 2010

Shocking video shows a distraught Jim Turnour

CairnsBlog has come into possession of a confronting 15 minute video, with Jim Turnour and up to 12 locals, filmed on mobile phone.

The footage shows the local MP besieged by an angry mob, protesting about the public housing projects at Palm Cove and Trinity Park, Bluewater.

It's believed the video was shot in the Trinity Beach shopping centre carpark in early August, as Mr Turnour was packing up his mobile electorate office. Two prominent activists in the public housing furore, Nathan Shingles and Patrick Winter, can be identified in the video.

During the video, the anger boils over as they grill Mr Turnour about the controversial housing projects. Here's the first 5 minutes...


Smithfield Sam said...

I viewed the video.

I see nothing "shocking" in it, nor do I see Jim Turnour "distraught". He's done an admirable job defending an indefensible position, his sockpuppet role in the Gillard/KRudd government.

Why do you insist on using misleading headlines?

Windsor. Canopys Edge said...

Well I found it rather volatile. Angry even. Don't think the mp was treated with respect. So yeah the video for me was a bit shocking.


Concerned of Bluewater Harbour said...

If only Jim listened to genuine concerns by residents before allowing construction to start. We are not anti public housing just anti these two developments. It is costings over 320k per two bedroom unit . If only the government went to every builder in Cairns and asked them to build two or three homes and actually integrate public housing. This Labor government could not be trusted to build sandcastles on the beaches let alone over 6 million dollars of waste. We will be enjoying tonight at the chance to wind down after 6 months of campaigning against this idiot Turnour.

Bye Bye Jim I hope you enjoy life as a unwanted member of our community .

sphile said...

Shouldn't you be out there handing out How to Vote cards? That would be more useful for Warren.

Syd Walker said...

Today brings more tragic news from Afghanistan, although details haven't yet been released.

Jim is lucky that he's assailed here by a crowd of nothing more troublesome than disgruntled property owners.

I'd like to see Jim face a crowd of the relatives of young soldiers slain and maimed in Afgahanistan - or even better, a crowd of the Afghani victims of Australian military violence on their own sovereign territory.

Those crowds might pose him more troublesome questions.

They might ask Jim, for instance, why his leader hasn't even agreed to a Parliamentary debate on Australia's nine year military occupation of Afghanistan? A war we can't even debate in Parliament? Hello!!! That's worse than World War Two.

Warren Entsch is one man who won't give Jim Turnour a hard time over Australia's overseas wars, because he supports them too. He even still believes it was the right thing to bomb and invade Iraq in 2003, even after the legal figleaf of Saddam's alleged WMDs vanished.

Vote Green 1 to cut through this ugly nonsense. Then make your own choice of lying war parties.

The Libs have supported TWO invasions/occupations/wars based on lies: Afghanistan AND Iraq.

Labor has only supported ONE invasion/occupation/war based on lies it won't discuss: Afghanistan.

I hope that's some use in deciding between lying war-toadies.

Miss Chief said...

Concerned: How mean spirited you are!
I don't vote for Jim or Warren for that matter, but to say that Jim Turnour is an UNWANTED member of our community is only your opinion. He has tried, against all odds, to do his best, but with little guidence from his party it's been an impossible task. Jim gave time and effort for his electorate and I doubt that there was much personal return - just vilification from people like you.
So learn to disagree with grace - you may have to deal with Jim sometime in the future when he has more experience.

Bryan Law said...

Miss Chief, the point is that Jim DIDN'T try to represent his constituents, or his region, in Canberra. Jim did exactly what he was told by his factional bosses.

The goofy grin on his face while telling voters their issue just wasn't important enough to get his attention. He did that to a lot of people. Now he pays. He won't be back.

Thaddeus said...

Public housing authorities since the mid 1980s moved into the business of property development and sales. The Bluewater project is obviously one destined to be sold as holiday units to a tourist operator. I'm quite surprised people didn't realise that. (I know someone did, but he didn't say, of course.)
However, when I visited the site myself and noticed the types of buildings there...they could not possibly be called "family homes"..they are all pretentious over-sized buildings looking exactly like Mattel out-of-a-box (complete with Barbie and Ken as extras). They are not for families but for profit. Obviously the people there thought they would make a killing, but it hasn't happened. And it won't because it is not an attractive area and if people want canal estates, they would prefer to live on the Gold Coast. The development itself has tanked.
Thus, "someone" is to blame for their booboos......
Poor Jim just happened to be there.
As time goes on, they will have to find some other mug to blame for their own lack of judgement and greed.

nocturnal congress said...

Thaddeus old mate, ya cracked it!
The Bluewater mob have ugly bloody huge macmansions with concrete street to street. No room for a bloody dog's kennel mate, fair dinkum! Trees??? Aaaaay? Like, what's a tree? Yeah, there's this dirty great blinding canal, with all these fibreglass boats lined up. No dogs anywhere. No kids. Probably never ever hear the wails of a baby in the wee hours of the morning in that place.
Christ, I doubt if the people in there fornicate at all. Too busy making and counting money. It's not a suburb of homes. It's a money maker which has tanked because it's downright hidjus.
Your right...someone is to "blame" and no-one mate likes to blame themselves these days.

Miss Chief said...

Hi Bryan!
Having been on the receiving end of party wrath for asking questions, I know that no matter what an elected member or for that matter, rank and file member, thinks is the right thing to do, if it doesn't fall in line with what the nearly invisible backroom boys want, then you might just as well let nature take it's course. Unless you are an independant, you're expected to do as you're told. Not everyone can be as outspoken or as self assured as you are Bryan. Some of us still cringe when we face legal proceedings knowing that there's a party machine against us.
Sometimes discretion is the only path to take.
Stop knocking everyone who doesn't meet your standards. Show some Kindness, it's not a sign of weakness but rather a strength. said...

if only we could rejoice in saying Bye Bye Bluewater Bogans I hope you enjoy lives as unwanted members of the Cairns community .

Clifton Ratbags Rule said...

ABC calls it for Warren at 6:43 PM.

First seat called.

See'ya, Jim. Enjoy your dole.

Mick Mighell said...

I see a calm man attempting to have a rational discussion with a bunch of aggressive boofheads. So, the Bluewater racists and NIMBYs have succeeded: now let's judge Warren on his ability to prevent the project. Surely he wouldn't be just piss and wind, or the Bluewater mob just a front for the Nationals?