Monday 16 August 2010

Wendy loves Jen. Doo Da, Do Daa, Day

Just got this email....

I'm quite sure, it's only a three-year Federal term. Wendy should really have known that, having run for office a few times previously...
  • --- Forwarded message ----
    From: Wendy Richardson
    Date: 15 August 2010 17:12
    Subject: Still deciding who to vote for at the upcoming Federal Election?

    You may be fed up with election material, (so if you really are, please forgive me and hit delete now) but I hope this message will be more useful than most you’ve got in the last few weeks.

    Next Saturday we all have the chance to decide Australia’s path for the next 4 years.
    You may already know who you wish to vote for, or perhaps like many people, you are disenchanted by the whole process and wondering if there’s any point voting at all.

    In any case, may I make a few observations?

    Polls indicate the result will be very close, perhaps we will even have a hung Parliament (where no party has a clear majority). This leaves the voters of Leichhardt in particular
    in a very enviable situation. If we vote in a quality Independent such as Jen Sackley our Member of Parliament will be able to do three things that party candidates cannot do:

    1. Jen can vote on each and every bill as the people of Leichhardt direct her for the whole 4 years.
    She will not be bound to vote along any party line because of old fashioned party dogma, internal power plays, pre-election promises or deals done to secure preferences. Jen will listen to the will of the people and use commonsense.

    2. Jen can bargain with whichever party forms government to secure spending in Leichhardt in return for her support on individual legislation.
    Money for our region is much overdue; we have been neglected for far too long.

    3. Together with other Independents, Jen can change legislation going through the Parliament for the benefit of the whole nation.
    On matters such as future population growth, national security, our troops in Afghanistan and agricultural resources, Jen will have a definite say.

    I’ll be supporting Jen Sackley because of the reasons above but also because of Jen Sackley offers ….
    - Commitment to serving YOU with honesty
    - Not just a loud voice; an effective voice
    - Knowledge and networks; not just favors for ‘mates’
    - A local business person, who knows what businesses need
    - A long time resident from a pioneering family
    - A person with academic qualifications and real life experience
    - Guaranteed to fight for an enduring relationship between people and the environment

    And just imagine, if Katter wins Kennedy and Sackley wins Leichhardt, the northern half of Queensland will be represented by two powerful Independents. Now THAT should see some action!

    So Saturday, I urge you to consider the power of your vote and Vote 1 Jen Sackley. To see more of Jen, please go to Oh, and if you like what you read here, please delete my details below and pass it on.

    Wendy Richardson
    Brinsmead Q 4870


Pussi Liquor said...

I thought there was a touch of sanity in Wendy - I doubt that now!

I will merely repost my previous comments (and hope that you repost them Mike!)

Pussi Liquor said...
I heard that Sackley was vitriolic in her character assassination of Entsch for his support of gay rights. Who would have thought that the this Sackley woman (who is she, what has she ever done?)and who from the ad on this blog, exudes such a grandmothery exterior, was such a c*&t?

Destiny said...

If what Pussi Liquor says is true - then that comment provides more information about her beliefs and policies than either her web site or facebook which both say fuck all.

Constance Lloyd said...

I see all the photos that Wendy is using - including those on the Sackley website seem to be the ones she used when she was LNP candidate for Barron River. Guess she didn't pay for them then - so are you still sponging off the party Wendy?