Thursday 19 August 2010

Tongue-tied Teichhardt Turnour tweets to tout tooting today

At 8:15am this morning, Leichhardt MP Tim, I mean Jim Turnour, asked people to use their car horns to toot him (probably in a nice way), via Twitter social media.
  • "Give me a way [sic] or toot if driving past on Sheridan St #cairsnsvotes [sic]"
I love the typos - the first one in particular, is rather hilarious. Jim meant to say.. "give me a wave", instead he's asking voters to "give him a-way." A tragic Freudian slip if ever I spotted one.

The other spelling error, a Twitter hash-tag, allows tweets to be searched, however should have been #cairnsvotes.

Mirth aside, it's actually against the law to use a vehicle horn in this way. Bluewater public housing opponent, Nathan Shingles knows this all too well.

In April, the Police turned up on his doorstep and served him a $160 fine for using his horn as he drove past the Trinity Park, Bluewater public housing construction site, when he spotted workers installing CCTV cameras in his street, to keep an eye on the protesters.

"I find this offensive," Nathan Shingles told CairnsBlog. "I received an infringement for using my horn 'other than permitted,' and now I hear that the sitting member for Leichhardt, has sent out an electronic message, actually encouraging people to use their horn to toot him. Surely this is 'using a horn other than permitted' in the eyes of the law?"

Nathan's absolutely right.

According to the Queensland Transport, Rule 224 the Transport Operations (Road Use Management—Road Rules) Regulation 1999...
  • 224 Using horns and similar warning devices
    A driver must not use, or allow to be used, a horn, or similar warning device, fitted to or in the driver’s vehicle unless—
    (a) it is necessary to use the horn, or warning device, to warn other road users or animals of the approach or position of the vehicle; or
    (b) the horn, or warning device, is being used as part of an anti-theft device fitted to the vehicle.
    - Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.
As Nathan has refused to pay the fine, it will make for an interesting discussion in court, after Jim's tweet.

As Jim's Twitter message will no doubt be removed as soon as his vigilant staffers read CairnsBlog, I'm happy to publish it here for posterity.

Beep, beep.

PS: It's also illegal to ride an animal-drawn vehicle at night.


Paul Christie said...

are you going to have a go at the liberals Mike... dont see much on your intrigues me that you lean so right with your omissions.

Bazza said...

From what I understand and was told
by a worker on mackenzie talk back that shingles parked next to him on the street when he was working on the fence line and sat there with his blowing for a lengthy time which was done in a aggresive manner. entch just made comment on radio re the rudd corflutes but he forgot to mention that it was his campaigners who placed them there, ie quick & co. Who would vote for this mob when they have trouble with the truth. If you want bad development in this area vote lnp.

Nathan Shingles said...

Bazza, The developer was putting up CCTV cameras in our street. There is some very serious questions that remain unanswered regarding these dodgy developments. the Local members Wettenhall and Turnour bunkered down instead of helping the residents out here.

I hope people can understand we don't like protesting and being in the media spotlight however, If everyone in Australia lets things just happen what sort of country is it going to end up like?

I am passionate because of the lack of substance from the people that are we rely on to represent us, they lie and twist their way through life which makes me sick.

The community as a whole deserves better!!!

PaulB said...

Paul Christie. If you only read to see your own opinions validated there are plenty of Blogs out there, one for every opinion and belief. This is just one Blog in a whole marketplace of ideas.

Bob said...

I agree with Bazza, I heard this Hot Headed Shingles Turkey was holding down the horn for 2 Minutes.

What a clown they are only doing their job, he's obviously too weak to do it outside Jim's Office.

KB :-) said...

Did the DPI tell Jim that they wouldn't give him his job back!! Seems to me he is a bit desperate. Sorry Jim but looks like you may have to join the dole queue with many of your constituents... the same ones that you claim to have been working so hard for over the last couple of years. But look on the bright side you and your party have been working hard to boost unemployment in this region on Monday you can add yourself to the list :-)

Mark said...

This Shingles character sounds like he has anger management problems.

Popeye said...

Yeah I agree with this he's a real drongo alright.

Shaun said...

I'm from Townsville you keep shingles up there thanks!!

col r said...

Shaun Newman writes non stop crap about the virtues of the losers better known as labor.
Headed by a back stabbing ranga foisted upon the nation by a faceless bunch of backroom faceless morons.
Run by a non achieving no one called shorten that has never ever done anything of note , other than talk to the sunrise show of a morning telling the public about the two miners what he was told by a non paid elected shop steward who received updates and told glory seeking shorten . Shorn stupid lobotomy head Newman tell me one thing you or shorten has done , shingles lost money , protested and stuck to his beliefs and still does. He is a doer while you write piss ant comments telling the world garbage about the party who has just been seen to knife its own prime minister . Give me ten shingles for a million dills like you !

Popeye said...

Shingles isn't a doer Colin, he couldn't give a rats ass about anyone other then himself.

Lucas said...

Shingles used to work in my office, he doesn't anymore needless to say I agree with Popeye & co.

Jasmine Lake said...

What a pig this Shingles guy is, driving right up beside a worker and honking his horn aggressively for a straight 2 (I actually heard it was 10) minutes.

This has got nothing to do with protesting 'rights', and everything to do with a greedy real estate agent protecting his wealth. He is already EXTREMELY wealthy by the way.

Lucas said...

Sadly Jasmine I think you are probally right.