Monday 23 August 2010

Union says it will demand law change from new MP Warren Entsch

The powerful lobby of the Electrical Trades Union, did not support Labor's re-election of Jim Turnour for Leichhardt on Saturday, however says they have not forgotten the Howard days of Workchoices.

Far North Queensland ETU Organiser, Stuey Traill, provocatively waved a Greens "how to vote" flyer in Warren Entsch's face, minutes after voting at the Whitfield State School polling booth on Saturday morning. Entsch's campaign media advisor, Danae Jones, was looking on.

Stuey Traill, who had just two weeks earlier, slammed Labour supporters who picketed the LNP's campaign launch, protesting about industrial relations. Traill angrily challenged the protesters at the time, who were wearing Your Rights at Work t-shirts.

"We still have WorkChoices, it's just called a different name," Traill said, who was outraged Labour members were not speaking out about unjust employee laws that Labour had continued to uphold since they took office in 2007.

"We'll be out after him [Entsch]. We want to restore the rights of construction workers," Stuey Traill told CairnsBlog. "It was his [Entsch's] government under Howard, that introduced the Australian Building and Construction Commission. Gillard and Rudd have kept it in force."

"the laws that we're facing every day a work, is seeing safety eroded, and also our ability to get on site and fix those safety issues. Rudd doesn't want to know about it. Gillard doesn't want to know about it.

"And definitely Warren Entsch doesn't want to know about it, because he introduced it, he's come back around this time. We need to talk with his and fix up construction laws, so there's one law for all Australians," Stuey Traill says.

Traill says that Labor haven't done the union any favours, and that Jim Turnour was largely elected on the back of the Your Rights at Work campaign.

"Jim Turnour has unfortunately gone missing as far as the unions are concerned, but the last person I want to get back into power is Warren Entsch. He refused to debate WorkChoices. He dodged us. he lied to the media, he lied to the public. So whoever is in power, we will have a crack at them. The ETU will not be controlled by any political party," Stuey Traill told CairnsBlog.

CairnsBlog author Michael Moore chats with ETU organiser for Far North Queensland, Stuey Traill, after he cast his vote in the Federal Election on Saturday.


Clifron Ratbags Rule said...

What kind of fucking name is "Stuey", anyway? These dickless wonders masquerading as a union think they can have it both ways, pushing Labor hack Jim Turnour on the public and then attacking Entsch when they didn't get their way with their own people. Get over it, you construction thugs.

snraic said...


Jack said...

stuey - how do the libs pass the demonic dreaded, ghastly, world ending laws through a green senate ?

stop scaring people - both employees and employers want stability and your actions are doing nothing but to instill fear amongst the community.

bazza said...

Jack, the Greens don't control the Senate until next July. Abbott can sneak through all sorts of nasties until then.

Quien Sabe said...

Welcome Australia to the Brave New World where the pollies will actually have to...and not down to each other....

Welcome to the Brave New World where "Party Machines" no longer hold sway...

Welcome to the Brave New World where the PEOPLE have spoken and stated "A Pox on Both Your Houses"...

And GOD (whoever he/she/it may be) help the pollies who cannot accept the voice of the People, and inflict yet another Election upon us all, with all the associated spin and cant....!

Stuey Traill said...

Yes the ETU promoted Jim, he won.
Unfortunately the people that helped him get electeed felt that they had been ignored.
Jim recieved very little assistance this last campaign.
Now Warren has been elected we have every right to question these laws that see Construction workers treated differently to EVERY other worker.
A Sth Australian construction worker is facing 6 months jail for holding a meeting to get Safety issues addressed on a site.
Thats right 6 months jail.
Howard and Entsch introduced the laws, Kev, Julia and Jim kept them.
THe ETU will lobby Politicians to overturn bad laws, these laws need to go.

Tom said...

Well, you are going to be very disappointed Stuey Traill. Wazza will tread water in Leichardt for the next term with not a thought for you or your lost causes. Why? This is his swansong: a golden opportunity for another go at the public trough. Top up the parliamentary pension, a few more taxpayer around-the-worlds. It will soon dawn on you that you'd have got much better value from Jim - all he needed to become a half-decent member was a charisma transplant.

worker said...

The labor party have lost their origin and that is the workers.

worker said...

Ark Tribe is a construction worker from South Australia facing six months in jail. He has been charged with not attending an interview with the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

Ark was working on the Flinders University site in Adelaide. Conditions were so bad that workers drew up a petition calling for safety improvements, on a handtowel. It took an intervention by the union and the state government safety regulator to get the most pressing problems fixed and finally, after several days, things began to get back on track.

One by one workers from the site were called before the ABCC. The penalties for those who don't cooperate with ABCC investigations are frightening - fines of up to $22,000 for things like stopping work to make sure workers are safe and jail for up to 6 months if you don't answer their questions.

Even the police don't have the powers the ABCC have. In Ark's words, "If I've done something wrong, I'm prepared to cop it, but I won't be treated unfairly." We need to get the Rudd Labor Government to get rid of these laws, before another construction worker faces jail.

Alison Alloway said...

worker, you are right about the case concerning Ark Tribe. The situation is downright dangerous.
There have been many fatalities and major accidents on building sites here in the Far North, from my knowledge of working at WorkCover. Unless this issue of workplace safety is resolved, the spectre of walk outs and stop work campaigns are likely to threaten all future building projects here in the Far North.
It makes commonsense that the issue is resolved, and quickly.
I have supported Ark Tribe on his stand.

Lucas said...

Today's Labor doesn't represent the worker, Today's Labor represented the dole bludger and union slacker who wants to do half a days work for 2 days pay.

"Stuey" is just another freeloading union bludger who wants to get by on government handouts whilst doing as little as possible.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Well actually, I've met "Stuey", and I want to ask a question of Stuey and these unionists.
Who is it that "looks the other way", when landlords without any brains OR licences, get away with performing their own dubious and downright dangerous electrical and/or plumbing work on their own properties? After the landlord gets caught, they only get a slap on the hand, if that.
Don't try to tell me you guys don't know it goes on!

If these so-called unionists were doing their jobs correctly, and their ruling entity was on the job, there would be NO short-circuiting around insulation bats, causing house fires, there would be NO back yards flooded due to incorrect plumbing. What???
You didn't know this goes on?

I think myself that ALL the current Unions should be sacked. When the bulldust settles, we can begin again with honest forthright unions, consisting of honest and forthright tradespeople wishing to protect their trades and quality of work, instead of holding the country or its people to economic ransom.

The document or "legislation" named "Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC)", is a farce and has also been disqualified by the Cairns Law Club as being written in a fraudulent manner, so do not despair about what it contains NOTHING!!

Hey Stuey, even though I was once a staunch unionist, I gave up on ALL unions in this country when they joined forces and followed their leader into accepting the biggest LIE the Howard government ever told.
"Our government will NEVER introduce a GST", Howard said, and 47,300 Aussie businesses went down the gurgler when he did, including the live music industry!
The unions did NOTHING!
I rest my case!

Lucas said...

Yes the big evil GST has destroyed our way of life and lowered standards of living to 3rd world conditions.

Stuey Traill said...

Kevin John,
The ETU places Safety as our highest priority.
We deal with Safety, Licencing issues regularly and work closely with employers and the Electrical Safety Office.
If a suspected breach is reported to me I investigate it EVERY time.
If you are aware of a suspected breach let me know and I will deal with it.
The ETU had concerns with the insulation scheme and has been working with the Government since it was rolled out to attempt to deal with the issues.
We are still working with Government to deal with the testing regime.
Ark Tribe has faced court no less than 6 times and is facing 6 months jail due to the ABCC and the associated Bill.
For your information I am a tradesman, we have had an office in Cairns since July 08.
I have no other agenda than attempting to protect and improve the lives of workers in Far North Queensland.

Colin Riddell said...

I doubt many of the armchair unionists writing on here even knows what a building site looks like.
I and blokes like stuey traill whom I have the highest regard for and he knows it , have been on or worked on building sites.
I myself have worked on scores of them as a labourer or as a lift fitter.
That involves getting into a lift shaft swinging around in a steel boat with a platform above you a very sturdy one at that.
But have been in the shaft when a monster beam has come straight through.
Caused by bosses pushing workers without regard for safety concerns.
I have also seen blokes like norm gallagher bully and intimidate bosses and workers alkie he threatened to throw me in the yarra with concrete boots on (jim turnour probaly wishes he had) but those sort of goons are long gone .
I have been union delegate and also safety officer on many sites and fully support unionist have safety reps on site, every worker deserves the right to be safe .
I have seen blokes killed on the job .
The law was put in by the lnp but was allowed to remain under labor it sucks big time.
Stuey traill you are a friend to the real unionists whom I support.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

I hope I'm not considered as one of those "armchair unionists" you mention Colin.
I was a staunch memeber of the AMWU for years till I gave them a serve at Festival Hall, against Halfpenny and the goons.
I was on building sites before half these people unionists up here left primary school, and yes Colin, they were bastard days for people with families.
I gave up my trade as well because of the interference by unions and the fact that one could not get a job without being in a union.
Now how democratic and totally un-Australian is that?
I remember a conversation with Bob Hawke when he was ACTU secretary, of which will remain secret, but it certainly opened my eyes about unions, law and politics, and I quit because of the cronyism.
What I'm on about is the fact that there are no prosecutions against people doing their own electrical and plumbing work, meaning, either someone is being paid off, or there are heavier implications.

Colin Riddell said...

Keven j m We must have crossed paths I was 7 yrs amwu site convenor and halfpenny ,curran and others I was a victorian too.

My Favorite martian said...

Wow kevin do you think stuey might be a martian I just googled you.

Subject: Chemtrail Miracle over Cairns
Date: Thu, December 27, 2007
To: Editor

Hi there Ken and all readers of,

This recent sylph activity has to be the most amazing of all chemtrail engulfments I have ever witnessed (even better than the Air Force episode I told you of, which by the way seems to have been swept under some rug somewhere). I shall paint a quick picture of the event.

My cell phone was stolen, and I was also a little lonesome because my son is away visiting his Mum for Christmas. So to lift myself out of the doldrums, I got myself off to the largest shopping centre in our city, to firstly fix the cell phone problem, and then get lost amongst the other shoppers seeking retail therapy through Christmas shopping.

Having completed these tasks, I'm walking to the bus stop in the 33C [temperature] tropical heat, when I notice a very large conglomeration of sylphs covering almost the entire vista of the sky, like they were celebrating the festive season with us and putting on some kind of show, at least that's what it looked like.

Having wiped my eyes because I could not believe what I was seeing, I missed the first bus home deliberately so I could just keep glued to this phenomenal "show". Of course, most people thought it was just clouds and that I was loony.

Then, at about 20,000 ft up and out of nowhere, came this jet (certainly not civilian), which began laying this massive chemtrail that took at least 15-30 minutes to reach its maximum width, then disappeared. I immediately began some feeble attempt at a prayer directed to the sylphs and just kept saying it. I could not afford to miss the next bus, so I sat down near a window and kept watching, and what happened next took all of my inner strength to observe and comprehend, and it lasted the entire length of the bus trip home. And I'll be damned if there was not one person on that there bus who had any sign of a camera.

Well, we all watched at least three huge groups of sylphs meld into two, then break off slowly into what one could only describe as a group of seven to nine sets of claw-like/miniature jetstreams, which enclosed small sections of the chemtrail, and then each of those sections believe it or not, just disappeared into a cloud/sylph shape, kind of like a vacuum cleaner.

THIS, I had never seen before in my life on such a scale. It might only have been a single chemtrail, but I DO believe there was something in it that was quite sinister, and these sylphs knew it!!

By the time the bus had reached my destination I was in complete awe of what I, and many others, had witnessed, and for the life of me I swear, I'm going to find someone who must have taken video or photos. Surely I am not alone in understanding this event and the importance in trying to film this evidence?

Whenever we contact the airport or the Air Force, they kind of act dumb, take a few particulars, but never ring back with an explanation. Hmmmmmm!

Since the beginning of my access to your website years ago, I've had an education to die for, but as much as I do my best to introduce people in my country to this site, they seem to be either afraid to learn the truth about many things, or, as one of our illustrious Prime Ministers described us, are "basically stupid".

This man also described Australia, as "a country you fly over on your way to Europe". I rest my case!

I'd like to wish you and your staff, and of course all the readers of your website (including the covert ones and their families) a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year.

Sincerely, :Kevin-John: Morgan. PO Box 419W Westcourt, Qld, 4870 Australia.

Stuey Traill said...

Give me details about these breaches and I will investigate and if I can prove your allegations I will deal with it.
Don't have a crack at me or my union if you won't even give me a chance.

Clifton Ratbags Rule said...

Mr. Traillller Trash
Big man going to investigate the little people? Gimme a break. All you labor hacks should be doing is investigating the insides of your jail cells. Unions are the evildoers in society.

JCU law student said...

@ :Kevin-John: Morgan.:
Do you have the details of this Cairns Law Club?
Just tried to locate it on-line, but can't find. Wouldn't mind attend a meeting or 2.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

To JCU law student: If you were to attend even one of the Cairns Law Club's meetings, you would be disqualified from your law course at JCU.
For starters, you would learn about the manipulation of language, and how to undo and correct that very manipulation.
Not something for the faint hearted, especially if you don't like severe migraines.
We are not on-line as you ask, we are a group of serious students of the Universal Legal Technology, who meet at various venues around Cairns and environs to be taught how to write Quantum language documents for courts, banks, Trusts and contracts.
I seriously doubt you would last very long as a student at JCU if they knew were attending our classes.
We have already experienced this same scenario twice at other educational establishments.
If you wish to leave JCU, we may have a spot for you.

Stuey Traill said...

Clifton ratbag rules,
I am not going to get in a slanging match with somebody that hasn't got the guts to go by their own name but I will stand by doing investigations into unlicenced electrical work.
Electricity does not differentiate between small or large operators.
Laws are laws, end of story.