Monday 16 August 2010

CairnsBlog VIDEO: Yodie Batzke - Cape leaders demand action in election letter

The 2010 election campaign has provided an opportunity for constituents to speak up on a number of issues. Independent candidate Yodie Batzke has journeyed to the very top of Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands - the far reaches of the electorate of Leichhardt.

Yodie believes her campaign has given a voice to those often ignored and is asking for political leaders to take a stance and advocate.

Besides the sustainable management of marine life, Yodie Batzke's campaign journey to Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands, was an important opportunity to meet with local communities and their leaders and discuss many issues to advocate for on their behalf.

Yodie also took her message to the scattered populations via local radio station.

"I talked about infrastructure and the lack of support from both current and previous governments, in meeting the needs of these communities," Yodie Batzke told CairnsBlog. "Also, the lack of economic development and business opportunities because of land tenure issues on the current Torres Strait Island Land Act. This causes delay in housing and major infrastructure projects. I also discussed native title issues, especially the lack of support for prescribed body corporates."

"There are a number of important land and sea management strategies, the need for greater autonomy and self governance, and the reintroduction of Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) and how the future arrangements of nearly a 50% reduction on CDEP is going to cause greater hardship for those who have no other means of employment in the Islands."

"There is confusing governance structure in which decisions are being made with overlapping and often conflicting roles and responsibilities at all levels of government," Yodie says. "There's an in-excessive rental market on Thursday Island where there is no real market value on the rental market and those seeking to rent, have no choice but to pay exorbitant rental of up to $1,800 per week on some properties."

Batzke says there's also difficulties in attracting health professionals and inability to provide accommodation on Thursday Island, and substantial excessive freight charges, that is then passed onto consumers.

Since Yodie's visit to Leichhardt's northern tip, a challenge has been put out to all candidates, highlighting the existing government's inability to advocate for the region. Two mayors and the chair of a statutory government organisation, has asked all seven Leichhardt candidates, a series of questions about their support for Torres Strait communities.

"The letter clearly demonstrates and is evidence of past and present federal government representatives, inability to really advocate issues imperative to the people in remote communities," Yodie Batzke says. "I believe the letter signed by Mayor Fred Gela, Mayor Pedro Stephen and chairperson Toshie Kris, demonstrates a united stance by all has proven my campaign in the north was not in vane."

"I will be a strong independent voice in parliament and will keep the government accountable," Yodie says. "There is more than two options in this election to choose from, and I support the aspirations of the remote and metropolitan communities in Leichhardt who are all presently struggling in an unsustainable region both socially and economically."

  • Here's Yodie chatting with CairnsBlog author Michael Moore...


Yodie Batzke Community Advocate said...

Hi Bruce as I said at the ACL forum last Thursday night, before anyone gets on their high moral horse it is about someones personal standing in God. This is a choice and something individuals will be accountable for. I don't agree with it but that does not mean I condem an individual for the choices they make. Yodie

bruce said...

So the newly self crowned queen of the poor minority hard done by indigenous groups is real family first homo phobe still!
I knew you were a wolf in sheeps clothing " I don't agree with it " you don't agree with what!
That I woke up one day and thought wow I like men ?
It is narrow minded bigots like you that suppress minorities and you pretend to care about fellow indigenous minorities ?
Do you think it is fair you pick and choose which minority you "don't agree with".
I think you just appeared to jump out of family first to appeal to the broader group.
I Think before anyone votes for you we should see exactly why you dumped or was dumped by the other homophobic bigoted political party family first.
And I hope it does not take as long for you to reply as my original question as the state election may have been held by then .

Yodie Batzke Community Advocate said...
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Yodie Batzke Community Advocate said...

Bruce I am not too sure what your issue is but it my reasons for leaving have already been stated in the public domain both in the media. But for your benefit 2 reasons for becoming independent:
1. Issues I was raising ffp did not have a policy on or was not a priority which therefore made me look out of sync with the party; and
2. I needed to know and have control over where my preferences were going to go. It is usually a party policy to decide this.

You seem to be avery bitter person, as to whether or not you are accept my 2 reasons that is up to you.