Sunday 15 August 2010

How fast does your data go?

Over the last few days I've been looking at my internet connection.

It's pleasing to see that Telstra have upped the data inclusion substantially, and dropped the price at the same time. They're now offering 200 gb for 70 bucks, finally coming into line with other ISPs.

For those that are now using their net for more online video, like the ABC's iView, that is streaming News24 along with all their news and panel shows on demand, this is pleasing to see.

You need a jolly good connection to enjoy these new services.

A number of factors contribute to the speed, including distance from your local exchange (check on Google Maps - I'm around 450 meters - that's as the cable lines, not as the crow flies), the volume of local users, and of course, what connection you pay for. ADSL2+ allows up to a 20 mb connection, but usually around half that is normal. The proposed National Broadband plan from Labor, was offering 100 mb.

The graphic above shows the speed test I'm getting this evening, which is higher than normal. Run your own test and let's know what you're getting, along with where you are, in the comments.


DeeJay said...

14.58Mb/s Up, 0.81Mb/s Down, and that's using a wireless router :) Also on Telstra.

skereff said...

Hope all those meters don't belong to you. You must be paying a hefty bill.

Oliver said...

Lucky bastards - after waiting 6 months for a port on the RIM I think I'm lucky to get 2.57Mbs/0.31Mbs down in Redlynch Valley. I was at 3.5Mbs originally, but "improvements" on the exchange screwed that, and if you read your contract, you have no recourse so long as its above 1.5Mbs ... I cry when I remember what speed and unlimited downloads I got for less money in the UK before I emigrated. Please god we get the NBN sooner rather than later.

Unknown said...

The problem with NBNCO is that not all the cairns council area is covered by the FTTH service, but having to settle for the second class WIMAX network.

We utilise the Telstra Network for delivery of our ADSL2+ connections as well as optus where possible.

We currently get 864K up and 14.6 Meg Down. My IT Staff can bond together multiple links to increase the speed and for redundancy. (We currently get 1.4meg up and 26 meg down)

The problem we see in relation to NBN CO is the magical figure of 100mb and the misinformation being peddled. If the server your requesting the data from is on a 10meg link, people think that NBN Co can deliver it to them at the 100mb...

Clifton Beach

Oliver Redlynch said...

Well, I went back to my provider (Internode) yesterday to find out why my bandwidth has deminished over the last couple of months. "Congestion fault at the telephone exchange(i.e. Telstra) your service connects through" is the report. Basically - nothing my provider can do except wait, and I'm in the lap of the gods waiting if Telstra will actually do anything - there is actually no guarantee that it won't get worse and its already adversely affecting my business. And THAT is the reality of broadband up in FNQ.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with
Oliver Redlynch...

Being a provider of services, the public would be amazed at the crap we have to go to at times to keep our customers connected let alone be happy. Doesn't help when the good ol telstra techs and contractors turn up and state openly "This wouldnt happen if your with bigpond"

Anyway my 2c worth