Saturday 21 August 2010

More booths fall to LNP

Cairns Base Hospital a 14.1% to LNP.

Caravonica State School 9% against Labor.


Miss T said...

It's quite plain to see that outside the evershifting boundaries of Leichhardt no other electorate exists. It would be nice, even though the result is a foregone conclusion, if some acknowledgement were given to those of us living in the seat of Kennedy. You may call it Cairns Blog, but we pay our rates etc to the CRC too.
People reckon that Leichhard is part of the forgotten north, well this part of Kennedy is a well kept secret!

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Miss T, I take your point, & I daresay once our Blogger has had a huge nanna-nap today (he's been darn busy I believe) then I'm sure he'll turn his attention to Kennedy.

However, do you not find it ridiculous that the south of Cairns falls into another electorate?
This of course was one of those mad bureaucratic decisions made by some boffic in an office in Briso with, with a calculator and a ruler. Probably the same boffins that included Clifton Beach in Division 10 of the CRC - which means that Julia Leu not only has Port Douglas & Mossman to deal with but also has to charge down to Clifton Beach to facilitate the needs of the CB people.

Yes, we're back to the bureaucracy issue. Interesting in the Fed election none of the pollies was proposed to cut the fat off the Fed bureaucracy.

Miss T said...

Yeah...well Lillian it's not happened yet.
Mike, you're still giving Entsch full coverage...not that you need to - we can hear him crowing in Gordonvale!
You've hardly acknowledged that Bob Katter even exists - pity that, because right now, he's in a much more powerful position than Wazza.

Leuco Gaster said...

If my prediction (guess/wish) is correct, Gillard will be PM with the support of independents, and it will be interesting in that situation to compare the effectiveness of Leichhardt's Entsch in opposition, with Kennedy's Katter siding with the govt. The myths that Entsch successfully sold again, include the lie that he looks after the bush (he doesn't, but suburban Cairns voters have swallowed this hook line & sinker) and that he can do anything about State issues (he can't, but they are the main issues he talks about). What is really sad is that we, Labor, let him get away with it - again! Get ready for 3 years of ineffective ranting, bullshit & bluster.

nocturnal congress said...

You're right. We've heard it all before. Entsch will rant and rave, attack, vilify, demonise the State Government, Val Schier, the Greens, the unions...and...if Katter sits there in with a Gillard led minority Government..he will occasionally launch a broadside at Bob. ENTSCH SLAMS STATE GOVT...ENSTSCH SLAMS PREMIER...ENTSCH SLAMS we go again.
I'm waiting for his first act which will of course be to "blame"
the State Government, Gillard Government or Val Schier for his inability to deliver live dugongs and turtles.