Wednesday 18 August 2010

The election advert the Cairns Post banned

What's all the fuss about?

Here's independent candidate Jen Sackley's advertisement* that the Cairns Post wouldn't publish.

*as heard on John Mackenzie show (thanks for the free plugs John).


Nicky J said...

Does anyone know the reasons for non-publishing? Was it the swearing, or the 'hung like a bull' inference?

Alison Alloway said...

Well I do know of one pollie who had testicular cancer, and a few more who had prostate cancer. Frankly, I don't find it at all funny. If any male candidate ran advertisements about "busting" all over or "breasting" the times with accompanying photos of well endowed young women, I would be just as equally disgusted.

Local worker said...

Alison, would you just dry up and blow away. Your persistent namby pamby politically correct blogging is making me sick.

Paul Drabble said...

thats a damn site better ad than the one Advance cairns ran today.
so why did they not want to publish it...could see them fighting a discrimnation case...

Alison Alloway said...

Local worker, well chunder away. You obviously have a very weak stomach, no balls hey? Or did I say something somewhere else which roused the old male chauvinistic gall? Something which may have contradicted the divine right of the male to put down women without retaliation? Like Joolya and Shazza. Like pointing out that Fadden stabbed Menzies in the back. Or something which may have mocked the hierarchical culture of the male? Hmmm? Don't like a woman pointing out that men behave like chooks in a fowl yard? Hmmm? How you all bow and scrape to a "big" man. That "too politically correct" for you??

Leigh Dall'Osto said...

I want to like it because it's a bit clever, but it's just bordering on crass and I can't bring myself to look at it without inwardly cringing. The only thing I do like about it is that it is not in any way similar to the boring stuff doing the rounds right now. It just went way too far, that's all.

CBD Warrior said...

Typical low-class, hillbilly mentality. No wonder Wigboy let her promote it on his show today. Wednesday on 4CA is especially lowbrow with Gavin on the show.

Alison Alloway said...

Wooooh... Local Worker. Very defensive....I obviously scored a hit there...never ceases to amaze me that when I go into bat for women, some man clutches himself..

Simon, may all your dreams come true...Sit patiently on that park bench, waiting and waiting...until the perfect woman...oops "lady" turns up. Perhaps someone like Roberta Williams perhaps???

Alison Alloway said...

"Well I do know of one pollie who had testicular cancer, and a few more who had prostate cancer. Frankly, I don't find it at all funny."
This was my initial response to the "Balls" advertisement.
As a cancer sufferer myself, I have met men who have suffered prostate, testicular and even penis cancer. They go through unimagineable horrors and humiliation, and I don't find it funny to mock those who survive cancer and are left with one testicle.

nocturnal congress said...

ROFL Dear Simon. Oh hahahaha, that's given me the best laugh all day. Heheheheheee.

Simon said...

Alisin at least he would not get a headache .
No periods.
Or moan about my driving.
Or moan about shit that does not matter .
I would not have to tell him he was pretty if he looked like shit.
I would not have to buy him 50 pairs of shoes.
Icould have half of the wardrobe.
I could leave the toilet seat up.
I could keep the tv remote.
I could fart.
I could have friends.
I could drink without an excuse.
Icould keep the furniture forever.
I would only have one set of sheets.
I would be wealthy .
I would never ever be asked does my arse look big in this.
Shit I cannot see a downside.
Come on guys ad to this I am sure there is heaps more.

Finally.... said...

Sorry Alison but for the life of me I can not work out how this add in anyway mocks survivors of testicular cancer. Is every woman that shows a bit of cleavage somehow mocking breast cancer? At the moment there is a pig's arse being prominently advertised around town. Are they mocking rectal and bowel cancer? Let's be real here.

What I read into this add is that finally we have a candidate with the balls, so to speak, to take on the party bully boys head to head.

Simon said… I don’t know who you have been hanging out with mate but there are no heterosexual males out there who wish to die and come back as homosexuals. Think about what you have said. If they have any longings to be homosexual then they probably bloody already are. Sheesh.

I think you are more likely referring to males who are either A. wanting to keep women in their so called place or B. Wusses who are thoroughly intimidated by a woman not afraid to speak her mind. Sorry guys but you need to keep up with the times. Woman have the absolute right to portray themselves in anyway they feel. Simon said… Your postings tell the story of a man who has never been able to satisfy a woman. Just send the strong ones my way mate if they are too much for you.

This add, to me portrays a person of strength who is not afraid to step outside of the social norms and take on the fight head to head. Why would you even consider sending some delicate little wallflower into the political arena? This girl's got grit not to mention a good sense of humor. Something sadly lacking from the spineless and hollow shelled party representatives on offer.

Destiny said...

Well I get a clear message from the poster - Vote 1 Jennytalia.

Leuco Gaster said...

Forget all the crap about how it might offend someone - it's just a crass, stupid ad, that's why they wouldn't print it. And it says nothing about Sackley's policies, yet is a fair indicator of what she'd be like as the Leichhardt MP - crass, stupid, tasteless and ineffective.

Pussi Liquor said...

I quite like the "busty babe"- her with the gun that is, definitely not the foul mouthed Sackley b%@ch. Why a closet case like Mackenzie would have her on his show beggars imagination. Self hate and loathing I would suspect.

Paul Drabble said...

leigh I think it hits the mark having had time to digest's saying to our present pollies grow balls..have a say, have a policy, 33% of the voters are undecided because of the weakest, wetist, soft touch election campaign ever seen in australia. I wtached greens leader bob brown on abc in my lunch did not inspire me..seemingly this is an election they al want to lose..

Local worker said...

For once Leuco, you make sence.

yk said...

So much is said and written about to whom you should give your No.1 vote.
But here's the real question!

And it's a real dilemma.... Do I put poor old Jim or this Dear lady last?

Please help me, I am worried that one of them, at No.6, may get some preferential treatment from my vote.

Tickled said...

These would have to be one of the cleverest adds I have seen for a long time. It's about time somebody came along that will tell it how it is instead of giving us the same old pack of lies.

I am starting to wonder if this site is only frequented by a pack of old prudes.

Will Solly said...

Nicky J said...

Does anyone know the reasons for non-publishing? Was it the swearing, or the 'hung like a bull' inference?

Nicky the Cairns Post did not give any hard core reason why it would not accept the ad.There was a generic statement made that it was not acceptable.

Thanks for your interest.
Will Solly
Campaign Manager

Syd Walker said...

@Leigh If 'crass' was a reason for not publishing ads in the Compost it would weigh a lot less.

At first impressions, this strikes me as an outrageous case of political censorship. How dare News Corp refuse a perfectly valid, if somewhat unusual, political ad during an election campaign?

If Jenny pursues this I think she may well have a case for redress.

The Compost has a de facto monopoly in FNQ and this appears to be gross misuse of those powers.

Pussi Liquor said...

So this Solly person is the campaign manager for the mad homophobic c%$t Sackley!

Was it on his advice that she has taken this tack? Mind you, looking at the photo on his weblink - how mean-faced and mean-spirited he comes across - birds of a feather I would think!

Give Sackley the position she deserves - 7 on the ballot paper - any one else is preferable.

Destiny said...

Jennitalia obviously believes there's a huge untapped blokey Aussie vote just waiting for her to snatch/grab by the balls(keeping my crotch references gender balanced) but will the Yankee images appeal to them?

Jen's cowboy is from Sedona Arizona, her bull is the famous Wall St Bull - a bronze statue on Wall St that celebrates not cowboys but pooncey fucking bankers and then there's a rather ordinary looking Yankee porn actress with a cap gun.

Surely she could dig up a couple of dinkum Aussie images.

Miss T said...

Publishing Terms and Conditions are included in every edition of the Cairns Post -check them out.
They have the right to refuse any ad that they deem to be offensive. I support Jens ideals but I must admit to finding the rejected ad distastful, even though it has a certain amount of veracity and humour. Oh and I can assure you I'm not a prude.
The Cairns Post DID print Jen's latest ad, which portrayed the other end of the bull.

Mike said...

My, my, my, has this girl managed to ruffle a few feathers. Just the type we need down there in Canberra. You go hard woman. You've got my vote.

Paul said...

Or something which may have mocked the hierarchical culture of the male?

Right on Sister, standing up for womynhood, balls and all.

Bill B said...

Destiny, you are so right. Jen should have used some great aussie icons in her add like Vegemite,Arnotts bickies, Driza-Bone, Minties etc. Oops that's right Australia doesn't own these icons anymore. In fact Australia doesn't own much of anything anymore due to the steady sell of our countries assets by incompetent politicians who couldn't manage to drive their finger up their own bum let alone run a country.

Jen Sackley may be a little rough around the edges but at least what you see is what you get with her.

Janet Goessling said...

Re jens ad. It seems many of our so called Aussie males either have the she'll be right mate,keep the little woman in the kitchen or else they are becoming cissy little wimps who don't want women to have a thought for themselves and when they do they feel threatened.
The ad to me speaks of true blue Aussie humour and shows that Ms Sackley is a down to earth Aussie woman who can mix it with the best of them .
Can't wait to see you in Canberra kicking butt.
Go Jen.

Destiny said...

Rough around the edges doesn't worry me - I am more concerned that someone who claims the ability to represent us is either so lazy or inept, they misappropriate American images to promote a dinkum Aussie personna. Unless you're suggesting the yank pics were a wry and subtle reference to the foreign ownership of Aussie icons, but neither wry nor subtle seem to be Jennitalia's strong point.

Between this and Ms Richardson's Wet and No Balls, one has to wonder about the fixation conservative women have with testicles.

I couldn't agree more about the sell off of Australia's assets - we're incapable of even getting fair recompense for the minerals the world is clamouring to buy. But I dispute that pollies can't drive a finger up their own bum - many in fact can even get their head up their arse.

Thaddeus said...

1. Two dozen prairie oysters to Jen Sackley as they are her favorite food.
2. A rose to Alison who seems to have the goss about who can or who can't wear budgie smugglers. (C'mon tell us..who's had nut cancer??? Wazza don't look too healthy BTW.)
3. A boot up the nuts to Law for teaching kids to vandalise.
4. A compulsory attendance back at primary school for Col Riddell who can't write for nuts.

Now are we all happy!

Diesel said...

I find it rather amusing that posters haven't jumped on Warren Entsch with the same voracity as they have Jen Sackley when it comes to using coarse language. Entsch's early morning call to cairnsblog highlights his preferred mode of communication when out of the public eye. "Arse" and "Friggin" would have to rate a bit higher on the profanity scale than "balls" and "bl*%dy".

If Entsch doesn't have the ball's to put his real persona on public display one can't help but wonder if the rest of his public displays are an equal fabrication.