Tuesday 31 August 2010

Labor not listening to Cairns on asset sales

The Liberal National Party has launched an attack on Bligh's Queensland Labor government, saying they have had fingers in their ears on privatisation and have ignored Cairns and Far North Queenslanders’ objections to the asset sales.

"Local Labor MPs have turned their backs on Far North Queensland residents who overwhelmingly opposed the fire sale of the state’s railways, ports and motorways," Leader of the Opposition John-Paul Langbroek said.

“Cairns residents have clearly shown they are opposed to Bligh and Labor’s privatisation agenda, after all, they are still waiting to see any benefit from the sale of the Cairns airport," John-Paul Langbroek says. "I know a lot of Far North Queenslanders were hoping for a breakthrough at Labor’s crisis caucus meeting today, especially with Cairns MP Desley Boyle speaking out against privatisation."

“But when it came to the crunch, Desley Boyle failed to back up her words with real action," Langbroek says. "Boyles’ decision to walk away with Anna Bligh still at the helm and on course to sell off these assets, shows that no-one in Labor is actually interested in listening to Far North Queenslanders.”

Langbroek says voters and workers in FNQ had sent a clear message to all local Labor MPs - Desley Boyle, Jason O’Brien, Curtis Pitt and Steve Wettenhall - that the privatisation agenda had to stop.

“The members for Cook and Baron River were forced out of the Electrical Trades Union because they backed Anna Bligh, and the former Federal Member for Leichhardt Jim Turnour was pushed out of his seat because he refused to stand up and support his electorate," John-Paul Langbroek said this morning.

“Labor is displaying a total lack of empathy with ordinary people and a level of arrogance that proves they just don’t care,” Mr Langbroek said.


Thaddeus said...

I am waiting for Mr Langbroek to say the LNP will buy back the State assets after they are sold. And what does State ownership and control mean? Look it up folks, it is SOCIALISM. Does this mean we may see an alliance between the Socialist Workers Party and the State LNP at the next election?

curious george said...

Talk about POT calling KETTLE black. Look at all the NATIONAL ASSETS that the LNP sold like Medibank Private TELSTRA, the Commonwealth Bank, various ports.
I'm tipping the LNP will privatise the State Hospital Scheme, wait and see. Probably sell it out to an American corporation. Once sold, we won't get it back, ever.

JKR said...

I dont dispute the sentiment in your post curious george, but you are dead wrong when you say that the LNP privatised the Commonwealth Bank. THe ALP privatised the Commonwealth Bank.

jkr is correct said...

I cannot wait to privatise pitt , boyle,wettenhall ,and obrien. And you labor writers writing on here should be bagging labor not defendeing them.
When does your intelligence kick in ?

kate said...

Is it just my impression. But has the rate of comments posted dropped off since Mike announced his defamation threat?

Stuey Traill said...

The four State MP's will ignore public opposition to the asset sales at their own peril.

Wake up Boyle, O'Brien, Wettenhall and Pitt before it's too late.
State Labor has already done enough damage.

O'Kane said...

Congratulations to Stuey Traill and the Electrical Trades Union for their efforts to stop the privatisation of lucractive and job-generating public assets.
Quite apart from the principle of maintaining these key assets in public hands, it makes economic sense not to send them the way of Ergon Energy, Qantas and the Teleom where customer service has deteriorated, prices have soared and jobs lost.
The Labor Party is my party and it disturbs me that our MPs in marginal seats are not showing leadership on this.
Stuey is doing more to save the Labor Government than Labor's own MPs.

Wes Lee said...

It could also possibly be kate that like the Cairns Post, Courier Mail etc this blog's comments section is becoming increasingly infested with local village idiot 'regulars' ready to pull apart anyone who dares to proffer anything resembling intelligent comment.