Wednesday 18 August 2010

CairnsBlog VIDEO: Gillard says Labor's $460 million saved the country from recession

"We provided $460 million for jobs," Prime Minister Julia Gillard told a briefing to a select few Cairns media when she was here recently.

I asked Ms Gillard about the big roadblock of our local economy: our narrow economic base, and the need for significant plans to diversify the local economy.

Loyal local MP Jim Turnour, who supported Kevin Rudd up until the knife was plunged into his back, gave one of the longest one-sentence answers in his political history.

Hang on till the end of this 5-minute CairnsBlog video, and see Cairns Post gun journalist Brad Ryan, who also didn't shave that morning, get a curly one in, followed by an eBay gift to me from Julia.

I need to credit the filming was with the assistance of Shayne Thomson of Savannah Marketing, and his new locally-developed product that is able to help capture the action, Steady Vision.

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PaulB said...

OMG! The economies of the world are crashing! Julia! Kevin! We aren't in enough debt! We're doomed.... Throw all the money overboard!!!

Phew that was close, now who shall we get to pay the interest on the debt we just racked up? Why who do we always get....