Wednesday 18 August 2010

CairnsBlog VIDEO: Bryan Law - Dump Jim Turnour


knock them down said...

You're my hero, Bryan. Brave courageous man.

BTW, what do you think of the Get Up campaign and leaflets? They are currently being letterboxed throughout Cairns, and deal with climate change, mental health and refugees. They will probably also be handed out out at some booths this Saturday.

Concerned citizen from Bluewater Harbour said...

Give the man a medal. We need an uprising of concerned voters to kick this incompetent government out.

Concerned Palm Cove said...

Turnour has to go. He has been useless and done nothing. He doesnt listen to the people of Cairns. Vote Warren Entsch in on Saturday. Warren listens to the people. Warren gets thing done!!

Leuco Gaster said...

What little credibility Bryan Law had left, and it wasn't much!, is now gone. As we already knew, Bryan is an attention-seeking serial pest of extraordinarily flexible principles. A few years ago he was opposing Entsch on several fundamental issues, and now he's supporting Entsch - that's some turnaround! A sad and desperate man frantically seeking notoriety in the political process - give it away, Bryan, you've become irrelevant.

Local worker said...

Could say the same about you Leuco you sycophant! Bryan is simply echoing the opinion of the broader community in Leichhardt. As a life long Labor supporter, I have never been more dis-enchanted with this party which is supposed to represent the wishes of the working class, but instead has been hijacked by extremists and even big business. Labor was founded by the workers, for the workers, and is meant to be about a fair go for everone. Until this party rejects factionalism and goes back to its fundamental roots, it will continue to lose support in the community.

Bryan Law said...

Oh No! A criticism from "Leuco Gaster", paragon of civic pride in Cairns.

Of course I'll give it up Sean, old mate. If you say so. You're so wise. Consider me gone.

Like Jim.

Now have a cuppa, a Bex, and a nice lie down.

Sick of the crap said...

Here's a scenario. Two years down the track. Brian's yesterdayland mate Abbott is PM and his new best friend Entsch is doing nothing but being an LNP mouthpiece for Tone's workchoices #2. Bryan is lying in intensive care with his health problems finally throwing in the towel. "No worries", says the quasi- health specialist(the closest real ones are based in Townsville). We'll just use our ultra fast Abbott last century wireless internet alternative to get the best heart specialist in the country to diagnose the problem.
Sorry the server has timed out. It's flat lining- just like Bryan's monitor.
Thanks Bryan .

Check this out if you want the details the Libs won't tell you:

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Well done Bryan, except for one thing, you should have taken ALL the posters out of the ground, not just Labor's, after all they are illegal.
As for Lueco Gaster, where have we seen your name in political arenas?
What have you done for Cairns?
I myself have been disallowed to run in this election due to those mates of yours at the AEC.
So Leuco, there's a bit of fuel to add to your fire.
As for Bryan getting out there and doing what he does, good on you matey, pity the rest of Cairns has no testicles for it.
Has anybody also noticed that the names on those placards, are completely different to the names on the Ballot paper?