Tuesday 17 August 2010

Fiona, ABC Far North and subliminal advertising

Nice to see that the ABC, in a blatant cross-promotional, is this morning broadcasting from their sparkling new shop in Cairns Central.

Sometimes crass commercialism is so difficult to see, and even tolerable.


Carmel Pegrum said...

Pity it was a bit of a two horse race AGAIN

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Mike - I don't see what the problem is with promoting the new ABC Shop. There's heaps of good stuff in there, & lots of music & resources that are not available out there in Cairns Hunter-Gatherer Land easily. I had a quick look a fortnight ago, & there was lovely things, & lots of child things.
So what if it's a promotion? Part of the ABC is a retail business, & why not? If they are making an income from their programmes, that is perhaps less I need to pay in my taxes to support the ABC (which I have no problem about - I would just like to pay less tax, like all of us!)

So, Mike, the problem is ???

Fiona Sewell did a fair job of interviewing Slim Jim & Wazza the Second, but with No Teeth. I didn't hear Wazza, but heard Jim, & he was allowed to get away with a couple of porkies. It was like a 10 minute Labor advert.

Thank heavens we have the return of the amazing Pat Morrish in the afternoons - long may that happen. Pat has the balance between the interesting, the fluffy (chutney recipes) & the teeth to takle pollies & their nonsense, in a very polite but concise manner.
All favours to you Pat - fabulous.

But where is Richard Dinnigan who used to do arvos? That is the question.

Frank said...

Lillian, the problem with the ABC promoting its shop is that, according to its charter, the ABC is supposed to be commercial-free. As soon as the ABC has, as part of its agenda, promoting commercial products or services, its independent charter is compromised. In times past, I used to listen to and watch the ABC (and SBS) because I felt assured that I would not be exposed to advertising, subliminal or otherwise. I was happy that my tax contribution gave me this continued assurance. Now that I no longer have that assurance, I no longer listen or watch.