Friday 20 August 2010

Baby Eve the first to receive 'opening notes' from Cairns Mayor

PHOTO: Colyn Huber, Lovegreen Photography

Leon and Julie Doyle are the proud parents of baby Eve, born today at Cains Base Hospital.

Eve is one of the first babies to receive a unique gift from the Cairns Festival's innovative Opening Notes project.

This morning Cairns Regional Mayor, Val Schier presented Leon and Julie with the gift.

"It's something special for every child born in our region for the next year," Festival producer, Eric Holowacz says.

"We have packaged some beautiful cultural elements into a small but profound music CD and booklet, from local artists. This will be gifted to each of the 4,000 babies born in the Far North over the next year."

Eric says that no other arts festival in the world is doing something like this. Cairns Festival, in partnership with Cairns Penny Savings and Loans are supporting this truly wonderful project.

"It will be a pure and simple gift—filled with expressions of our culture and imbued with a profound sense of place," Eric Holowacz says.
"Opening Notes will be a reminder that children in Cairns are born into a diverse and thriving creative community, and they inherit and continue the culture we give them."

Scott and Sarita Richards, whose baby Frederick was born Tuesday at Cairns Private Hospital, also received the Opening Notes gift.

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