Tuesday 17 August 2010

Wound the world with Wazza

Labor's campaign marketing team have been working overtime. Where's WorkChoices when you need it?


Syd Walker said...

Just one small problem with this ALP video... even if Warren Entsch is defeated,he'll still enjoy entitlements to free travel at the taxpayers expense. The same applies to Jim Turnour.

Anyhow, a trip to Fallujah should certainly be on Warren's iternary, win or lose, as he apparently considers the 2003 invasion of Iraq was on balance the right decision. He can watch a home-made but visually-compelling travel promo here - or read some hard data here.

Mr Entsch should take his old friend John Howard with him, the war criminal who repeatedly misled the Australian public about the pretext/rationale for the Iraq War, using a script provided him by the real architects of a war that by now has generated literally millions of new refugees alongside countless deaths, injuries and birth defects.

After Iraq, the duo could head over to Afghanistan, preferably 'unembedded'. They'd do well to invite Jim Turnour with them on that tour.

I don't object to funding travel for politicians if it's for genuine educational purposes.

Alison Alloway said...

What's with this awful "Wazza" handle? These are the sorts of nick-names submissive males use around alpha males. Uggggggggghhh!
You might as well bow and scrape your silly little selves and call him "Sir!"

Wendaway said...

Just who did make this compilation? Yodi Batzke is using "enough is enough" as her teeshirt slogan.

Haven't worked out what she is railing against yet, probably everything, can't get an answer out of her pre-poll minder who inevetably answers, "Oh I don't know about that" when queried on policy.