Thursday 19 August 2010

CAPTION CONTEST: Don't Vote, it only encourages the buggas

The uber-celebrity status of an unusually young-looking Jim Turnour, a Mareeba-styled Bob Katter, and a liposuctioned Warren Entsch, graced the cover of Cairns Post' election supplement.

Perfect fodder for a caption contest.

  1. "Jim, when you pack up the office on Monday, can you please leave behind the plans for fence constructions around Cape York rivers."
  2. "You are such a show pony Katter!! I mean what have you ever done for Katter country, besides, well, rename it?"
  3. "I bet after this go, you're really going to know the meaning of the word 'retirement' Mr Wazza!"
  4. "I want to keep this job, because there's just some things in life that don't get any easier."
  5. ..........." your turn........"

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:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Caption Contest:
"Who DARES to challenge the methods in our madness?"