Friday 20 August 2010

Cairns Festival 2010: It's SHOWTIME!

Tonight, on the eve of the Federal election, Cairns Festival officially kicks off for 17 days of Abbott and Gillard-free fun.

Tomorrow night, as either Jim or Warren celebrate, the opening parade along the Esplanade is set to be a vibrant and stunning start to the two week festival.

The parade will also have an over-dose of Cairns Regional Council mayors, with Val Schier look-a-likes, adding a weird and wacky entry in this year's opening event. It kicks off at 6pm.

If you'd like to join in the "Multi Val" entry, you'll need a thick hide, a desire use words like "transparency", "sustainability" and "engaging", and a good-fitting silver wig.

Following the parade, and some amazing fireworks, there'll be a free concert by Kamerunga at 8pm.

There's loads of free events, so there's no excuse to stay at home and ponder about life without Kevin. Here's some handy links to stick to the fridge...
  1. Join the Cairns Festival Facebook page.
    Loads of free stuff, silly ideas and opportunities to wear a gray(ish) wig in public.
  2. Follow Eric and the gang on Twitter.
    Much easier, as he has a funny accent.
  3. Visit the nice folk at the Festival HQ in City Place.
    It's just along from the yummy 12BC Cafe on the corner. Steal free stuff and some spunky posters for the bedroom wall.
  4. Have a peep at their YouTube channel.
    I'm sure there'll be more to see as the Festival kicks off.

  5. Check out the programme.
    The old fashioned printed edition is also available around the region.
  6. Get involved. Participate and enjoy.
    It's a great way to forget the bloody election.

PS: The real Val in the photo is the tough looking chick on the left.)

  • As the Festival's official New Media supporter, CairnsBlog will be covering Cairns Festival with blogs, both here and on the Festival's website, along with videos and commentary.

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MaryO said...

Nope - you're wrong, MM. All the wigs have fringes - except Val's. It's too easy to pick the odd one out!