Friday 20 August 2010

A final letter from the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard

Just just an email from the Prime Minister.

Thought I'd share.

  • Dear Michael,

    This election is going to be the closest in living memory.

    This election there are over 25 seats that sit within a margin of just 1.5 per cent.

    Last election, in the Victorian seat of McEwen, Labor lost by 27 votes. If just 14 people had changed their minds that morning things could have been different.

    The lesson from McEwen shows how a handful of votes can change who holds a seat, and a single seat could change who forms Government.

    We need to keep fighting right up until polling booths close at 6pm to move Australia forward – there is so much at stake this election.

    When you change the Government, you change the country.

    Think about what will change if we let Tony Abbott become Prime Minister.

    We won’t have a National Broadband Network.
    Australia will be consigned to the digital dark ages, 25,000 jobs will be lost immediately, and the chance to compete with the likes of Singapore and South Korea will be lost.

    We will go backwards with massive cuts to health care, hospitals and education.
    There will be fewer doctors and nurses, and no Trades Training Centres to train our next generation of skilled workers.

    We will go backwards to Tony Abbott’s long held support of WorkChoices and his extreme Industrial Relations vision.
    Mr Abbott continually affirms his commitment to bring back the worst elements of WorkChoices, like abolishing unfair dismissal laws.

    Our economy will be at risk.
    Tony Abbott has shown he does not have the judgement to run our $1.3 trillion economy. The costings he produced two days ago were shambolic, with black holes of hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Don’t risk your family’s future with Tony Abbott.

    Julia Gillard


Cairns Resident said...

Oh PLEASE Julia.....Your party has shown how well you can spend irresponsibly,without consultation...just rush in and spend spend spend......the consequences of which you didnt even bother to check. Managing a $1.3 trillion economy? You have already shown your "expertise" there when spending like a blonde at a DJ's sale..........What happens when/if there is another GFC and you don't have Liberals surplus to squander?? Heaven help us all.

Jayne B said...

It is never wise to buy from a salesperson wastes your precious time telling you why the competitor's product is inferior, rather than selling the positives of their own product.

This concept obviously translates to politics too.

Gillard seems to be spending her last campaigning moments with low level (near on) begging tactics in front of the cameras, rather than selling any solid, quality based positives of her own. I find that it is extremely poor form.

It sounds like a very cheap commercial on cable home shooping, rather than an election campaign effort.

Unknown said...

You bet I'm getting hysterical - it's the thought of that
43 Billion bucks (++!) going down the gurgler!

And being "nanna'd" and lectured by Gillard for the next three years. In that droning voice. And those waving hands!! Or Swan strutting around as PM in her absence.

And the Greens and their loony tunes policies in control of the Senate. Enough to send anyone crazy.

What will tomorrow bring?

Unknown said...

Before I Vote On Saturday....
I will remember that the current party were convinced that they were that bad at leading the country they back stabbed their leader to give someone else a try in the hope that a new face might erase ALL the mistakes that they have made.
We have long memories too.

Unknown said...

I could go to the pub any day of the week and have a drink with Tony and feel comfortable.
I would never feel the same genuine warmth with Swan, Gillard or Rudd !
Tony is an Aussie and one we should get behind.I could count on my mate Tony to drive me home safely.
All the more reason to tick Tony.

Tony slips over to the jukebox and puts on K Rudd's theme song

See the labor faithful even starting sing "old smokey" LOL

Inter-State observer said...

A little real world, grass roots level story regarding the finacial stimulus payouts that Labor and some esoteric economists reackon was a savior of our economy.

The characters change from week to week but the story is the essentially the same.

Picture this: My business, owned by my family - going 25 years. Times harder even than the Keating sabotage/recession. Customer comes in, wants to buy product we make in Australia. Says can't afford it and asks her mum to pay. Her mum, standing beside her says 'Why don't you use the money Mr Rudd gave you?'
Daughter replies 'Dah mum, like, I need that for Bali!?'

The same story with different characters repeats every week.

Alison Alloway said...

Thank you Inter-State Observer for your experiences. I know Rudd's payments to pensioners here in Cairns were spent on things like air-conditioners, home repairs, a lawn mower, new furniture, and one lady told me, a new wheel-chair! I am a member of a service club where most members are seniors, and their stimulus payments were gratefully received and well spent!!!

Syd Walker said...

I also know pensioners who used the one-off stimulus payments to pay down small but worrying debts and buy useful items they'd never otherwise be able to afford. It made a real and positive difference to their far-from-extravagant way of life.

If Cairnsblog readers enjoy tales of petty rorts, remind me to tell you sometime about 'flood relief' for people who barely got their feet wet. I didn't notice proud Coalition voters being especially backwards coming forward when their own chance to get snouts in the government trough came round.

The mean-spiritedness of some Tory trolls beggars belief really. No wonder the Greens Party's Adam Bandt in Melbourne rules out backing an Abbott Government.

To swinging voters looking for truth and decency, major party hacks look more and more like soccer hooligans. You'd be better off hushing up, at least until the polls are closed. You're living, breathing negative ads: that is, you put other people OFF the side you claim to support.