Wednesday 18 August 2010

Macca misses Michael

Yesterday afternoon, I spent 45 minutes chatting with retired High Court Judge, His Honour Justice Michael Kirby.

This amazing Australian granted CairnsBlog an exclusive interview, whilst he was overnighting in Cairns for Inter Alia, James Cook University student's society annual Law Ball.

I'll broadcast the video interview next week, after the election is behind us - well, we hope it will be.

I just heard John "Macca" Mackenzie on his 4CA 846am radio talk show (or 954am on the Southside), say he was very disappointed that he had missed this distinguished visitor to Cairns.

"Oh, I wished I knew he was here,” John Mackenzie said.

That's odd, because when I was with the Honorable Michael Kirby, he didn't return the compliment.

Over this weekend, CairnsBlog has been granted time with an A-lister who is sneaking into town from London. And it's not Fergie.


Could it Be? said...

Daryl Hannah?

George Clooney Forever said...

If it is George Clooney, Michael Moore, and you don't invite me, I shall put a pox on your house forever. In fact I shall make a voodoo doll with a blue checked shirt on it, and roast it in the oven.....

Miss Demeanour. said... about Kylie?